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In Tim Burton's Garage

If anyone out there lives in the vicinity of Azusa, California and would like to go to Tim Burton's garage sale.....perhaps I'd could live vicariously through you?

Aw, hell. I'd give my left tit to go to this.


"Aw, hell. I'd give my left tit to go to this."

Wow, Michele, even I can't think of a suitably crude response to that that wouldn't end up being ooky.

I assume the right one's bigger?

There's four words I never thought I'd hear together: Tim Burton garage and sale.

But once you got there you'd give your right tit just to get the hell out of Azusa.

I mean, you know, it's freakin' Azusa. May as well be Palmdale.


Let me know if you want something...I will go to it if you would like me to.

Yours truly,
aka StrobeAlific
aka within the vicinity of Tim Burton's garage sale

Official Word from Tim...

"It recently came to my attention that a warehouse sale, claiming to include "previously -owned" items of mine, is scheduled to take place. Allegedly, these items include props, memorabilia and costumes from various films I have directed, as well as some drawings of mine that were private gifts--never meant for public display or purchase. Since I have not been contacted by the sellers, it is important to note that I can in no way vouch for the authenticity of these items. I am completely against the selling of personal items in such a public way."

So if anyone was planning to go and possibly buy something, the items may or may not be authentic.

If you didn't go, you didn't miss anything. What a waste of a vacation day. We walked the entire warehouse twice in 30 mins and it was all crap. The few cool things we found were outrageously priced - chase lounge with skulls carved in it $20,000 - ceramic tiles with "original art by Tim Burton" $350 each. Lots of vintage women's clothing and shoes - not much under $100 and some over $1,000. I couldn't leave without buying something but I wasn't going to spend more than $1. The only thing I found in my price range was a coffee mug with a Chihuahua on it. Who knows, Tim could have drank from it. But who friggin' cares! Stupid stupid stupid.