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What About ASSFACE?

The 1,121 Naughty Words You Can't Use At The NFL Shop
This is the list of "naughty" words not allowed on personalized jerseys at the NFL Shop. They were extracted by a reader from a java script list found on the NFL Shop site

What I want to know is, what kind of person would even think of putting CROTCH ROT on a football jersey? And that's the least offensive of the list.

I can just imagine a man buying his girlfriend a Cowboys jersey and asking for NASTY WHORE to be put on the back.

I've been reading this list all day and I can't stop laughing. Pearl Necklace. Shit For Brains. Skankfuck. Dick Licker.

Why? Why did they have to make this list? I don't know if it's worse to believe that people really tried to order these jerseys or that the people at the NFL store are completely out of touch with the typical football fan. Cyberslimer. Dick For Brains. Oh,and Rae Carruth.

Please, make me stop. My sides hurt. INSEST. Huh? He Hate Me.

Ok, who ordered the PUBIC LICE jersey?

Via Fark, of course, where you'll probably be able to figure out which comment was mine.


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I can just imagine a man buying his girlfriend a Cowboys jersey and asking for NASTY WHORE to be put on the back.

On the other hand, if my girlfriend bought that for me, I would wear it proudly.

I'm lost, what does "Dome" mean and how is it offensive?

I want one that says 'An*l C*nt" except, uncensored of course (don't want the spambots to find this entry is all).

Could dome be like "do me"? I can't think of any good reason why it'd be offensive, then again, Crotch Rot and Dickface doesn't bother me, so I'm not a good judge of taste.

"Dome" could be taken two ways:

1) Dome could equate to "Do Me"

2) Dome is also a turn for oral sex. Like, "I'm getting dome from this fat chick and I'm okay with that."

"He Hate Me" was what was on the back of a XFL player's jersey that is now playing in the NFL.

I like that TRIPLE X is off limits, but XXX isn't. Because that makes perfect sense.

When the "KUMQUAT" and "MASTRABATOR" jerseys are outlawed, only outlaws will have "KUMQUAT" and "MASTRABATOR" jerseys.

Wonder if "You're a decroded piece of crap" would pass?

Well, at least I can still get "Knob Gobbler".

According to the list, I can't use PECKER, but PECKERHEAD is fine.

ASS is taken, but POO is not.

I found it rather amusing that neither "ASSHAT" nor "MEAT CURTAINS" weren't listed (as of yesterday), but "CLAM DIGGER" was.

When did being a clam digger become naughty?

Cool! I can get DIRK DIGLER, MAGIC STICK, or LUCKY PIERRE on my next NFL jersey! :rolls eyes:

I think it is significant that
is allowed.

I thought it strange that FUDGE PAKCERS was banned, does that mean if its spelled right its allowed?

No word yet from Patriots star Randall Gay.