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survey favor

[Wording stolen (sort of) verbatim from Wizbang]

Henry Copeland is doing a short survey for the BlogAds network as a followup to last years effort. It's a very short form that gets some demographic information and information on your reading habits. It should only take you a few minutes to complete.

Don't forget to include ASV in item 15 (List up to ten of your favorite blogs...) and item 16 - (Referring blog).

Take the survey now.

Note: As was the case last year, the aggregate question-by-question results will be released under the Creative Commons "attribution license", so you'll be able to see and use the tabulations.




Will it help speed up my request to Copeland to put BlogAds on my weblog? The backlogs been over two weeks.


done and I totally copied this post. You just worded it so nicely. :)