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(sick blogging? doctor blogging? disease blogging?)

First, thanks for all the advice and calming words this morning.

We went to the doctor and, bless his heart, he listened to everything Nat and I had to say, nodded his head in all the right places, rolled his eyes in all the right places (mad cow disease? she's a vegetarian!), never once brought up the idea that it's all in her head, and appreciated all my concerns.

He is pretty certain this is a mono relapse and nothing more (which would explain the sluggish immune system, resulting in the strep, UTI and other fun stuff she's had in the past few weeks), but he took lots of blood from her and he's going to run the whole gamut of tests, just to rule out things like Lyme Disease and other too-scary-to-think-of diseases. We won't get the results until Friday but we're just going to go ahead and treat this like mono for now.

So now we have a choice to make. Obviously, she's going to be out of school for a bit. She already missed ten days this year due to various illnesses. If I send her back before her body is really ready, she'll end up getting sick again, she'll fall behind in class again and we'll start the whole roller coaster of getting her grades back in shape again. Nat is a good student, but due to some minor learning disabilities, has to struggle for every single grade. Falling behind, especially in science where there is a lot of lab work to make up, and Global Studies (where she has a teacher who gives about five tests a week) would mean certain disaster for this semester, and a frustrating experience for her.

So I'm considering keeping her out of school for whatever length is required in order for her to get homebound services. I imagine it will be easier for her to maintain her grades if she's getting constant tutoring/teaching at home, rather than staying out of school for two or three weeks and having friends bring home work that she just doesn't understand without the classroom experience to go with it.

This has been a fun, fun day. On the positive side, the doctor doesn't believe that Nat has any of the illnesses I came up with on the basis of Google searches. On the downside, there is really nothing I can do for her, as far as mono goes. There is no antibiotic that is going to make it go away, and nothing to make her stop feeling like shit.

Though she already hinted that the first season of The O.C. on DVD (and Fresh Prince season one, what the hell?) would make her day pass much easier.

She's going to play me. I know it. And I'll let her. For a while.

And again, thank you all. You rock my clock.



I am so happy to hear that it doesn't appear to be any of those nightmares that are so easy to dream up (and Google).

My best to both you and her.


She's going to play me. I know it.

Well, of course she is. It's her right. What are daughters for, after all, if not causing us inordinate amounts of worry (over what are, in retrospect, relatively normal concerns) and using all of their powers of persuasion to make us feel like total suckers?

Glad everything's okayish. Even those of us who didn't contribute earlier (because we didn't think you'd need any more backseat hypochondriacs) were crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.

Fresh . . . Prince?

See, you ARE a good mom. That's sacrifice.

Go with the homebound school. It will be very helpful. And a little spoiling is good for the soul, yours and hers. You will feel like supermom, she like superdaughter.
My grand nephew had something like that. First they said tularemia, from rabbits, he is in the country, then they didn't know, then they said juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Don' panic if they tell you that. He is fine. It means, we aren't sure what this is, we're going to do this cause we don't know what else to do, and he got much better. It took some steroids but he is well, three years later. As long as they rule out the real badies it will be okay. But plan on the homebound route for now.

Lyme ain't that bad. I had it and look at me! Totally freakin normal.

Seriously, though... I wish you both the best of health.

Hey, Fresh Prince was awesome! I know I'd ask for it if I was playing someone for all their worth. Heh. She'll be good as new once it runs it course. Take care!

We pulled the kiddo from her first semester of college, she didn't want to, but she was so dang sick I couldn't see it happening, and for once, mom was right.

It will also remove the stress of trying to go back to school too early, and killing herself trying to play catch up.

Once Natalie starts feeling better, she'll get bored and drive you insane, but it's all good. Better a healthy child driving you nuts, than an ill child any day.

I'll keep both of you in my thoughts.


Don't press your luck.

Good to hear the doctor addressed her concerns appropriately.

Good physicians are too often hard to find.

Does the little gal blog like her Mom? That might be just "what the doctor ordered" to keep life interesting while she's away from her friends.

Oh, yea. LiveJournal, MySpace - she'll be doing a lot of online complaining, I'm sure.

good to hear it's unlikely to be anything scary. Although the mono relapse will suck in many ways.

I'd definitely do what it takes to get homebound schooling. That's what it's there for - so kids don't have to go back too early and keep getting into the cycle of getting sick and missing more and more school.

And you know - I'm in my 30s but the couple of times I've gotten ill while visiting my parents over the years, I've STILL been able to play them for stuff. (It never ends in some families, I guess).