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[taking my mind off of things until the dr. appt.]

I've been meaning to write about Yahoo's tenth birthday. Go ahead and call me an internet weakling, but I still love Yahoo. While I don't use their search engine anymore, I do have my own Yahoo page as my homepage, I play a lot of their games, and I swear by Yahoo Launchcast. And where else can you find pictures like this?

So for all you registered Yahoo members who want to celebrate the birthday today, go to Yahoo and download a coupon for a free Baskin Robbins ice cream.

There are few things better in this world than the words free ice cream.

Happy Birthday, Yahoo!

[And a totally weird side note: I viewed this Yahoo retrospective today, and when I clicked on the "weblog" link, I saw a photo of one of my best friends. Freaky!]


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Holy breastfeeding monkeys! That's wrong on so many levels.

Michele's trying to get us all fired - if not for the bizarrely naked boob, then for the uncontrolled shrieks of laughter emanating from our cubicles...

Let's see...no printer hooked up in the office...printer at home is out on loan...yeah, my day is super peachy.

Haha! Babloo! I'm not going to ask what you were searching for Michele ;)

omg! like, Robyn is teh kewl!

I don't use yahoo's search anymore either, but I too have myYahoo! set as my homepage.

There's a nice article in this month's Wired about Yahoo! (now online here). It points out that Yahoo! makes more money and has more patents, services, and users than Google. It's even in a virtual dead heat with Google for share of the search market. Then again, their business models are about as different as can be - "while Google was busy becoming what Yahoo! used to be, Yahoo! has become what AOL should have been."

Solonor, Todd made me put on your tiara when he saw that!

The monkey thing is making my boobs hurt.

Free ice cream not so good for me. Gave it to my co-worker.

It just seems weird to me that it's only been 10 years. It means i've been on the internet longer than Yahoo! has been around and that just seems odd to me. I still have my aol 1.0 disk and book somewhere. Sigh. Memories.