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there ought to be a test

Dear parents,

If you raise your kids to be fucking stupid they think "garage jumping" is a valid form of recreation, don't you dare have the audacity to sue the city when one of your idiot offspring gets hurt peforming this retarded stunt.

"The first time I came to the garage after my son's accident, I looked over and I just about broke out in tears," the boy's father Tim Bargfrede said. "I can't believe he actually survived. He looked like he was near death."


Since Bargfrede fell, the City of Orlando erected a partial fence but there's still room for someone to take a dangerous dive.

The family says that's not good enough and that both garages need to take responsibility before a garage jumper loses his life.

Excuse my while I bang my head against the wall.

These parents are enabling their child's stupidity. Instead of saying "Gee, son, I think you deserved to break a couple of limbs and maybe suffer a head injury because that was a god damn stupid thing to do," they are engaging in the equivalent of saying "bad stove!" when a toddler touches the hot oven you already told him not to touch.

Take some freaking responsibility for your actions, people. You are jackasses. The city of Orlando is not resposnible for your stupid children or lax parenting or your child's poor recreation choices. Maybe next time your son won't survive the fall.

Oh, trust me. There will be a next time. Because nobody was taught a lesson here.

And garage jumping? What the hell every happened to hanging out in back of 7-11 smoking stolen cigarettes and drinking piss water beer?


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Damn straight. Another thing, did you look at that kid? Talk about a mouth breather. Sheesh. This kid is a future freakin' Darwin Awards winner.

If I was the owner of the garage in question I'd put up a bigger fence and then bill the kid's parents for the cost of putting it up. Then I'd contact the police and see if I could have the kid arrested for criminal trespass. Just because someone doesn't want to learn the lesson doesn't mean you shouldn't try and teach 'em.

Just goes to show that the bumper sticker I saw last year was right: "Stupidy should be painful."

Several years ago, we had a 12 year old kid almost electrocuted when he scaled the very high fence around an electrical substation and was messing around with the transformers. Apparently, his parents never taught him that high fences and warning signs mean "Keep out, and that means you, too." For some absurd reason, the city ended up paying the kid thousands of dollars, rewarding him for his stupidity.


i think the garage owners should go a different route. they should just put up signs that say "Jump at your own risk." let the dipshits kill themselves.

That kid should be near the head of the line for his Darwin Award.

Yup, "Jump at own Risk" signs. Then you'd probably be sued for establishing a dangerous temptation. If I had done such a stupid thing when I was a kid ... there would have been consequences, indeed. For me!

It boggles my mind that people think they should sue when the kid made a conscious choice to risk his life and jump over an 80 foot drop. I could see it if somebody was using the structure appropriately, and then fell - reflecting bad design or negligence.

This is the kind of ambulance chasing lawyers that give them all a bad name - in search of the big paycheck.

How does anybody surive an 80 foot fall?

Anybody that jumps off anything higher than 10 feet is a fucking retard.

I'm surprised the parents aren't suing everyone involved in the Matrix trilogy for giving the kid the idea to jump.

Dare I hope the judge will dismiss the suit as frivolous, and order the plaintiff to pay all fees and court costs?

This story adds depth to the call for LOSER PAYS tort reform.

I'm not totally ready to nominate the kid for a Darwin Award. I had a similar mindset when I was a yute. During the Evil Knevil craze, I once jumped my brother AND my best friend with my bike. If he does it again, I'd say, yes, he's an idiot.

The PARENTS - oyvay! - I can spot their type a mile away. I made my (at the time) girlfriend promise me we wouldn't become those kind of parents before I'd marry her. These are the types that ALWAYS side with their kid when he says he got a bad grade because he says the teacher doesn't like him.

I tried that crap ONCE when I was in high school. Dad told me "that's life, live with it". I never pulled a "teacher doesn't like me" again.

I did plenty of STUPID stuff like that when I was a kid. Difference is, if I got hurt, my parents would just add to the hurting, not sue someone.

80 feet? That's a little much, don't you think?

Well, if this brat does have an accident while trying this crap again, I think the city should spay the mom, neuter the dad, and THEN award the Darwin.

Why don't the cities fight this crap? They can certainly afford more attorney than these idiot parents and probably bankrupt them with the legal fees they'll have to pay. Perhaps that might be a deterrent to these cretins that like to spin the legal wheel of fortune in order to get rich quick from their stupidity.

The most the kid could get is a Darwin Honorable Mention, he lived.

In the 80's they stopped realistic violence on TV because it could traumatize the kids. We ended up with a generation that thinks guns are toys.

"What the hell every happened to hanging out in back of 7-11 smoking stolen cigarettes and drinking piss water beer?"

Don't you know cigarettes and alcohol will kill you?

You reap what you sow, America.

Back in my day we drank beer, smoked dope and drove 30 miles up a narrow, winding country road to the lake; we went skinny-dipping, partied some more and drove back home.

I'm not sure how and where the kids are partying now. The lake doesn't seem to be the destination that it used to be. I think the only difference between then and now is if today's kids decided to drive and party, they'd put their seatbelts on first.


They're suing the city for their kid's stupidity? So what we'll get, will be laws limiting the size of parking garages, so idiot kids can't jump off of them - just like every other idiotic law that's passed to make the world safe for people too dumb or too reckless to know when they shouldn't be doing something. (The most benign form of this is the stupid warning labels like "Do not use hair dryer while sleeping." The worst form is getting some medication that makes life less agonizing for people with a chronic illness taken off the market because someone who doesn't bother to read the directions or warnings misuses it).

I hope the judge throws this one out of court. And if the kid kills himself in his future reckless endeavors, I'm not exactly gonna shed a tear - culling the herd, it's just culling the herd.

The "bad stove" line was priceless. But it's only a matter of time until someone sues a stove manufacturer because the burners were hot....

A major trend in society seems to be that objects and institutions can be responsible, but not individuals.

Hey, I was trying to jump into a swimming pool from a five story building and missed completely. It was avery idiotic thing to do. Yes a got honorable mention from Darwin Awards. That was 60 feet onto concrete. I was severly fucked up for years. I'm lucky to alive much less walking. All it takes is one fuck up and things change. These kids will learn what important in life!!!