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When Advertising Goes Wrong

We just saw a local commercial for natural gas heat. The phone number to call, should you want to inquire about their product:

1-877-I'VE GOT GAS

My kids haven't laughed this hard since that time the old lady farted in the paper goods aisle in Target.

Ok, ok. I laughed, too.

...still laughing..


It's definitely memorable, which I guess is the point.

Though I'll bet at some point someone will waste valuable minutes trying to find the apostrophe key on their touch tone.

The CPW here had a billboard campaign similar to that with a little boy with a funny look on his face like he smelled where someone just farted. The tagline was "I have gas, do you?" or something similar.

Reminds me of the time when the Light Rock station in Akron advertised their music as "One great soft hit after another". Say it to yourself a couple of times (in a somewhat rapid fashion) and you'll realize why my fahter-in-law and myself nearly wet ourselves. The ad campaign changed after about 3 weeks.

The jingle is the best... when I first heard it on 770 WABC, I thought it was a Rush Limbaugh parody song... what sounds like an attractive young lady singing "1-8-7-7 I've... GOT GAS!"

damn near fell out of my car on Rt. 80.

A favorite ad slogan of mine is on a radiator repair shop in Michigan....

"A Great Place To Take a Leak"

We've got 877 I've Got Gas down here in Georgia, too. But we've also got this annoying dude dressed up in a foamrubber flame suit "embodying" Georgia Gas or whatever company it is. Just this dude, on a billboard, saying something silly like "100,000 customers believe in me. I mean us."

heh. last Saturday, i was at Target, needing to buy a shirt. i had a tough time choosing between two of them... one said "I Have Gas!" (showing a gas station attendant).

but i went with the other shirt. a Bob Ross "Happy Trees" shirt. i mean, come on... it's Bob Ross!

I think the guy who came up with the I've Got Gas commercials should win an award...of some sort.