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Fun and Games With Oscar/Open Thread

[side note: I just made the Best. Baked Zit. Ever.]

I may live blog the Oscars. Maybe. I don't know that I could really make fun of people who practically parody themselves, anyhow.

For now, it's play time, and the topic is:

Alternative Oscar Categories You'd Like To See

Interpret at will.

[And, the Academy Awards drinking game. And another one.]

Update: One little letter. Just one letter. ZITI.
Joke's over, people. JUST PLAY THE FREAKING GAME.

And I don't think I'll live blog because my eyes are already glazing over and the real program hasn't started yet (Ann Althouse and Skillzy are live blogging, anyhow - so is FAD, with his usual sarcastic aplomb. And Roger Simon.). But feel free to use this as an open Oscar thread in which you can (ahem) answer my survey question or just make fun of the winners/loser/presenters or yell out BOOBIES! whenever applicable. Yea, that will be fun.



Update: Nice to see Drew Barrymore doing a salute to Ronald Reagan with her hair. The best commentary is over at FAD.


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Yummy, baked zit, that sounds soooo delicious!

Joe beat me to it. One recipe I think I'll pass on... ;-) John Blutarsky would be proud.

so, do you first scrape off the mirror?

Baked Zit? sounds yummy. :)

I'm glad you didn't change it, because that's damn funny;)

Best Movie No One Has Heard Of!

Oh wait, they already have that category multiple times.

Best Catering.

I've always thought that there should be an Oscar for the Top Money Making Film of the Year.

...and of course Best Boobie Shot!

Well... Pass along your recipe (I knew it was ziti, and I want the recipe!).

Best Movie You Would Have Seen If You Were The Least Bit Cool

Best Actress Currently In Rehab

Best Rehash Of A Tired Old Cliche'

Well, considering the temperaments of some actors --
Best Tantrum by a Bastard/Bitch

Or greedy locals during filming --
Best Shakedown Artist outside the Industry

Best BJ in the Trailer between shots

(oh, btw Michele? my hubby has BJ/Steak day marked in Outlook and reminded me about it yesterday)

Did you see your woman in blue? That dress is fantastic.

Best see-thru dress. Lifetime achievement award for Geena Davis.

Baked zit? eh? Yum. Must be something in the air...the need for Nona's comfort food. I made a killer flank steak braciole. We ate every scrap.


'Scuse me, I gotta gaggle of panna cotta waiting for the Oscar cast.

BTW-Chris Rock doesn't.

Best Dealer.

Best abbreviation of a movie title on a theater marquis.
Best performance by an actor pretending to be a regular person in a television interview.
Highest actors'-salary-to-gross-receipts ratio in a motion picture.

I could go on, and the Oscars doubtless will.

That Latino woman sure was showing some boobs!

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, I always get those two confused; even when side by side.

Best Performance in a Teen Comedy by a Coked Out Starlet with a Bad Boob Job

Best Performance in a Teen Comedy by a Coked Out Starlet with a Bad Boob Job

Lindsey Lohan, Mean Girls!!

Was Julia Roberts sporting some milk pillows tonight or what? She turned sideways and put my eye out...

Was it just me, or was Distin Hoffman completely plowed while announcing the Best Picture contenders?

I, too, have to comment on the baked zit.


"Lindsey Lohan, Mean Girls!!"

I thought you were fond of Lohan's boob job, Michele!

I was personally touched by Sean Penn's pissy little moment of indignation about Chris Rock insulting Jude Law.

Yet again I passed on watching the Oscars, though this time I had a good excuse: it comes on in the middle of the night over here (Europe), and like hell I'm going to stay up and start my week off like that.

Oh, and I haven't seen most of the movies, so it's kinda hard to know who to root for.

Movie Most likely not to be remade:
Best Family Values Movie:
Best capitalist movie:
Best original Horror movie screenplay:
Most original use of a swear word"