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It had to be done

Pope makes surprise appearance in window

[I do not claim photoshopping as one of my skills]


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I'm going to hell for laughing at that.

Bring your ipod, Michele.

Oh yes, straight to hell for that one.

Eat some of this before you take the long ride to the fiery bowels of eternal damnation.

That way, we can hold up our arms and squeal wheeeee! together on the way down.

damn you, michele. I've tried to get this pic out of my head for the last several hours but cannot. Ugh!

Damn funny!

i love that an old dude coming to a window is news. even if i was catholic i'd hope that i would think this was a bit rediculous.

Let me guess - that was some gay baby trying to spread his ideology of evil. Am I right?

Oh yeah, straight to hell, all of us! At least I'll be in good company.

That was worth it, though.

i love the pic fucken cool N-B-K