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Saturday Morning Quickies

Excerpts from the never-aired 1973 Scooby Doo episode with guest star Hunter S. Thompson (I should just make a permanent link to Iohawk in every morning post)

Dave has a really, really, really hard Guess the Song Lyric by Rebus thing going on.

Make your own road sign

The ACME chocolate registry

Gallery of Unfortunate St. Patrick's Day Cards

Every Calvin and Hobbes strip ever drawn, in chronological order.

One of my favorite blogs is going on hiatus for a while. Enjoy the time off, Ed.


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Thank you for that link to the Calvin and Hobbes comics! I'm in heaven now! I loved that comic strip!

Calvin and Hobbes, cool! Now if only someone would do the same for the original Calvin -- Dennis the Menace.

That site is so gonna get shut down when Watterson finds it. He's pretty jealous of his copyright, for good reason.

That is so far beyond fair use he owes Watterson royalties.