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FridayFunBlogging 2

I got your meme right here, baby. And I got it from Sheila.

1. Whatís your favorite kind of cookie?

Or Milk and Cookies.

2. Who is Americaís most overrated actor?

Kevin Bacon. My god, that man makes me cringe every time he appears on camera. And Nicholas Cage. Iím one of those strange people who loved Con Air, but Cageís terrible acting skills almost ruined it for me.

3. Name a guilty pleasure.

Iíll name more than one, ok?
American Idol.
Trading Spouses.
The music stylings of 2Gether.
7-11 hot dogs.

4. ďScrubsĒ or ďEverybody Loves RaymondĒ?
Iíve never watched either, honestly. I never remember when Scrubs is on, so I just donít get around to watching it, though Iím told I would like it in that itís very reminiscent of Dream On, an HBO show whose demise I mourn to this day.

My mother made me sit through a Raymond marathon on Thanksgiving. I thought it ws all the same episode. Ray says something stupid. His wife gets mad at something. His mother intrudes in their lives. His father makes sarcastic comments about the mother. His brother acts like a doofus. In the end, Ray and wife go to bed and bang the living daylights out of each other. Or maybe thatís where I kept dozing off and having bizarre dreams.

5. Name two things you canít live without.
If I could make a wish
I think Iíd pass
Canít think of anything I need
No cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound
Nothing to eat, no books to read

Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe
And to love you

Uh...where was I? Oh, yea. My Hello Kitty vibrator and rechargeable batteries.

6. Your first petís name + your motherís maiden name = your porn star name.

Thor Caranno? A porn star with that name would be sporting a twelve inch studded strap-on and a whip.

7. What song are you listening to right now?

The Wizard, Black Sabbath. My iPodís shuffle mode is cooperating nicely today.

8. Name your celebrity crush.

Ok, here goes. This makes everyone go ewwwww....Bam Margera.

9. Favorite punchline from a joke.

She knew she could get felt for free.

10. Who do you want to pass this meme off to?

You can't have it. Iím going to sell it on eBay.


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#6 - My name would be Squeaker Broadbent.

Note to self: never to join the adult film industry.

A porn star named Whiskers Gillespie? I'm thinkin' prolly not.

>>6. Your first petís name + your motherís maiden name = your porn star name.<<

My mother's maiden name is Brabender. I'm done for.

"The Wizard, Black Sabbath. My iPodís shuffle mode is cooperating nicely today."

I think multiple playings of that song at 11 are a big reason why every other word out of my mouth these days seems to be "huh?".

I always heard it was Your first pet's name + the street name you grew up on = your porn star name.

This gives me the nifty porn star name of 'Ben Claremont' which I like very, very, much.

Whiskers Gillespie. That is absolutely classic.

Whiskers Gillespie

You need to wear a cat suit for that.

6. Your first petís name + your motherís maiden name = your porn star name.

Furry Watson. Someday I'll have to tell the story of the 6 guys from Scotland who asked me what my porn name was, at a Jewish wedding. And how they thought I said 'Furry Whatsit'. Which caused massive amounts of laughter because apparently Whatsits are some sort of cheese puff thingy over there. Or I dunno, maybe it was because we'd all had so much whiskey, that it seemed so funny.

Bam is hot. An evil shit, but hot.

Dunn is even hotter. He carries that White Trash ascethetic really nicely. Plus I've already seen him insert stuff into his anus, so there's hope.

Hoagie Jurgalonis
take a bite on that!!!

1) - Neither. I think I'm just too old.

2) Kevin Costner. He's played the same character for 20 years.

3) MXC on Spike TV

4) I watch neither, but would probably choose "Scrubs" in a pinch.

5) It'a hard for me to answer the two things I can't live without because I can't get the image of a Hello Kitty vibrator out of my head. OK, I guess I'll ruin the mood: An NIV Bible and and an IPOD filled with my 7000 song library.

6) I have two, because I have 2 dogs. I am Charlene Fisher, and Missy Fisher .

7) Those Darn Accordians - Another Dumbass on the Mountain.

8) This fine Young Canadian Woman

9) "Beige. We'll paint the ceiling beige..."

10) What's a meme ?

#9 - Because she knows she's given her last blow job

I've never had a man laugh at that joke. But, really, their face is just priceless.

I as going to say something clever about how great Whiskers Gillespie is but I've been beat to it.

I know how you feel E.P. happens to me all the time here... my answers were going to be "a duckie and a horsie", but I changed my mind.

Thanks, Michele, my 3 year-old daughter is watching "Kitty, Kitty-Kitty" right now on DVD. Now I'm going have to explain to wife why my face turns red every time the "Hello Kitty" theme is sung by my daughter.

In a move that even surprised him, he agreed that Bam is a VERY viable celebrity crush. : ).

1. Samoas - They are the devil.
2. Decrapio - Nuff said.
3. Fruity Pebbles.
4. Scrubs because of Dr. Cox.
5. My wife's smile and my three year old's witticisms.
6. Salt Nichols. What a sucky pr0n name.
7. Jimmy Hendrix - I Don't Live Today
8. That girl Carrie from Idol.

You're kidding, right?


Karl, that was the first Beastie Boys song I ever heard. It was love at first beat.

1. Mom's Chocolate Macadamia Nut (but I can't indulge anymore 'cause sugar is now my Kryptonite)
2. Ben Affleck
3. 7-11 go-go Taquitos
4. Scrubs
5. Diabetic medicine and my Red Sox
6. Dick Johnson (Uncle Richard aka Dick + Clariece Johnson)
7. Super Sex by Morphine
8. Then, now, and forever Jaclyn Smith
9. Sheep talk, but sheep liiiiiieeeee.
10. Steve at Hog On Ice

1.chocolate covered graham crackers
2.Patrick Swayze
3.pop rap
hot fudge sundaes
4. Raymond, I guess
5.hot fudge sundaes
6. Felix Osterhoudt?????
7. Candyshop- 50 cent
8. Tommy Lee. Bam is cute, but I have always loved Johnny Knoxville- yum

FYI, #6, my porn name would be Blinker Lusby.....not gonna lie.....kinda disappointed.

1) Cookie Puss
2) have to agree with previous comments on di Caprio and Costner
3) Lil' Debbie Boston Cream Rolls (most bakery items!)
House, MD
4) Scrubs...though I haven't watched it, I can't stand Raymond
5) My husband and books
6) Sadie Hanson (doesn't sound too bad!)
7) The Very Thought of You- Billie Holiday
8) Matthew McConaughey (is it the southern accent, the dimples or the washboard abs...can't decide!)
9) "...not one Frenchman to show it to" a joke I heard today

Oh, geez, at least Bacon has done some fun films I enjoy watching (Footloose, Tremors)

but I have never figured out Richard Gere... does his face ever more? There not more than 1/8" difference between a smile and a frown on that frozen mug.


#6 Lady Rippel

Hmmm... sounds more Dominatrix than porn star...

My first pet had an overtly female name. Nuff said.

1. Whatís your favorite kind of cookie?

Iced Oatmeal. They remind me of my lil Gramma.

2. Who is Americaís most overrated actor?

Edward Norton. I like him, he's got skills, he's just not all THAT good.

3. Name a guilty pleasure.

A pint of Bluebunny ice cream all to myself.

4. ďScrubsĒ or ďEverybody Loves RaymondĒ?


5. Name two things you canít live without.

Coffee and music.

6. Your first petís name + your motherís maiden name = your porn star name.

Leaving my mother out of this and using street name: Mugsy Ashland.

7. What song are you listening to right now?

The Letter - Joe Cocker. My iTunes Jukebox is in a weird place between the 70s and New Age this morning.

8. Name your celebrity crush.

Hmmm...there are so many...Angelina Jolie. I saw her in "Hackers" again in the past couple weeks. Remember when you first saw that and just stared at her wondering who the hell she was?

9. Favorite punchline from a joke.

My dear Mr Ambassador, you must understand, Star Trek is set in the future.

10. Who do you want to pass this meme off to?

I dunno...