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/link dump

Don't forget the fellatio haiku contest (thought it's tough competition at this point).

Does this new banner make me look fat?

It's..uh....... GatesGate?. Yes.

I am a collector and this is my collection. Of collections. Hello? OCD hotline? ok, I am insanely jealous of some of those collections

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Does this new banner make me look fat?

As a married man I have experience with such questions.

"No, honey. You look GREAT."

Nah, just old.

My wife mentioned our annual Atari parties to one of her newly-graduated wunderkind co-workers. He said, "Atari....Like Pong?"

How old does that make you feel? How old should I feel because I was indignant he was confusing two different consoles?

Good gawd. That guy has a ton of stuff - can you imagine dusting of that?

And I agree with you about lusting after some of it. Dang.

Thanks, Val, because as an enternally single guy, my first response would have been: "Why, is it too tight?"

That guy's collection...is that all in one house?

Are you running.

To quit smoking I mean.

I felt that running every morning really helped. That and lifting my own body weight.

Man, I would love that library set-up he has ...

Heh, I guess that collection page is making it's rounds today :-p