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Bottoms Up!

[I think there's some confusion as to the purpose of this post. I didn't "delink" anyone. Tis the other way around. I don't even have a blogroll.]

Raise your cup and let's propose a toast..

A song for the evening: Faith No More - Last Cup of Sorrow


I'm having Guinness with a Goldschlager chaser. Name your poison.

*Little dead girl property of Roman Dirge
*Big live woman property of Coop
Both from really, really old posts.


Delinking? What'd I do now?

You looked at me wrong.

Now shut up and drink.

Guiness and Goldschlager? Damn, not a combo for beginners that's sure. But if we're going that route I might as well go with Fosters and a Don Julio Blanco chaser.

Tell me someone delinked you for talking about blowjobs. Please?

Oh, sorry. Gin and tonic, at the moment. And short attention span.

Which should be the name of a shot, if it isn't already.

Leinenkugel's now, Brandy Old Fashioned Sweets and taxes later. Well I actually won't drink my tax forms.

Torn between margarita or Strongbow. Oh hell, why not both? :-)

I'll take a Pacifico and a Patron, please. I don't have any delinking to do, but it's been loooong day, so what the heck.

I already started drinking wine (needed the bottle opened for my polenta-beef stew). But, if I have to do a shot - make it Cuervo Gold. OH, better yet ... 1800. I'll drink it right out of the cap, thankyouverymuch.

Wow. I'm glad I picked the stuff you had in the fridge. Heh.

I don't know what this is, but I had it in a folder. So someone drink it.

Red Stripe and Jagermeister.

The pic looks like some frou-frou drink involving Bailey's. I don't think it would go well with the Jager. Pass.

Fine. Then everyone have one of these.

First disagreeing about her "cutting" article, now advocating drinking....tsk, tsk.

Depending on the size of the glass ... it could be a blow job?

I delinked you first. Drink!

((the song link is foo))

Ah... Tampa Bay tap water. Guaranteed to kill brain cells, destroy your liver, and kill you before your time.

Leave it to me to make a spelling error on my own domain name.

I blame the Goldschlager.

All right! Smooth Duff Beer!

Guiness and Jameson's, please.

Did you post Coop before or after "CSI:"?

Edradour Single Highland Malt Whisky- Neat. What can I say, 4 hours at a home owners association.

Although the Guiness in the fridge was mighty tempting.

Wild Turkey Rye and Guiness. Though, a shot of guinss isn't much. Oh well.

I'll take a Red Stripe and a Wild Turkey chaser, in honor of the late, lamented HST.

Shea's Amber and Rumpleminze. MMM-MMM GOOD.

I think I know who the culprit was. It's in the comments at Protein Wisdom. That's sad. Shiner Bock over here, please.