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morning quickie

Regular blogging later.

Go enter this:

The Michael Jackson Jury Contest

Or, you can update your Pope Pool.

Happy Birthday, Abe Vigoda!

Update: For those of you who - like myself - find it necessary to keep track of whether Abe is dead or alive (and use Firefox), there's an extension that puts Abe's current status right into your browser.


I can't tell you how comforting it is to open my browser and see the "alive" status there. We love you, Abe!

And apropos of nothing, I currenlty have 1,755 songs on shuffle mode on the iPod and it still insists on playing the Cure's Pornography every fifth song.


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I heard that Abe died along with Jon Heder in a freak trolley accident. Just a rumor.

Nah... I've been tracking ol' Abe since I heard a song was written about him. Check out the prepared eulogy at http://www.abevigoda.com

Too funny. Too too funny.

Man, I love morning quickies.....

Sounds like your iPod has the same bug that infects Top 40 DJs (or did back when I listened to . . . is there even such a thing as Top 40 radio anymore?)

my iPod does that crap, too. like i really wanna hear gawd damned "Balls to the Wall" every fifth song or something...

or, worse, when i'm at the gym, and right in the middle of a set, and then like, the entire Weird Al section will come up. do you know how hard it is to crank out an extra rep to "Taco Grande"?

Damn. I came back hoping for a 'nooner' as well....