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Songs of the Night
(required listening)

Five songs (and two downloads) that are rocking my world right now.

1. The Mars Volta - Widow
Take everything that was good about 70's rock and everything that was cool about 80's power ballads and put them in the hands of a torch singer. You will be singing this song in the shower one day, fake microphone, air guitar and all. Download Note: You don't have to listen to the last two minutes or so. You'll know what I mean.

2. Queens of the Stone Age - Little Sister
The band that could do no wrong. I swear, if they put out an album of Neil Diamond hits as envisioned through polka stylings, I'd still buy it. And it would still rock. Download

3. Muse - Hysteria
I'm too late to jump on Muse's bandwagon, so I get no indie cred for liking the song. Too bad, as I was hoping to gain enough cred points to trade in for the High Fidelity soundtrack.

4. Straylight Run - Existentialism on Prom Night
Pretentious title and indie swagger notwithstanding, this is a good song. Sing me something soft/sad and delicate/or loud and out of key/sing me anything Sigh inducing.

5. Jack Johnson - Sitting, Wishing, Waiting
Acoustic singer/songwriter stuff. Reminds me of one of my high school idols, Steve Forbett. Why am I listening to this? Why am I liking it? Egads, I just washed years of metal cred down the drain.

I better go listen to some Fear Factory before I turn into an adult.

Now, I want you ALL to download the Mars Volta song and tell me what you think, because it's been years since I fell this hard for a song.


Mars Volta: good song. I might even look up this cd. And the Queen of the Stoneage one -- I've been meaning to buy their cd for a while but I've been a) broke, and b) out of the new music loop for about five years now despite the fact that I have digital cable tv and a working radio and a computer. At some point I just tuned out, and never quite got back into it. I blame Road Rules. I used to love MTV and then they went all "let's have nothing but 'reality tv' sitcoms featuring the sort of people you folks fled high school to get away from!"

That Mars song is not good, I don't care what anyone else says. But the puzzle is not why you would like such a bad song (to each his own), but why on earth you would compare it to the best of 70s rock blended with power-ballad excellency. THAT baffles me....

But the QOTSA song is fantastic - I've got to go buy this! No idea why I haven't already...

And Jack Johnson??? You've obviously lost some perspective on the proper line between personal and public space. There are some things we all do that we are (or should be) ashamed of, but it's best to keep these things between yourself and god -- no need to air them out in public on your blog for all to read...

Funny, as far as the Mars Volta goes, that's what my 18yr son told me last fall when he dragged me into his room the listen to the album. He knew he'd finally found some of his music I'd like and he was right. He saw them in concert shortly after that and say that their live show is even better.

I'm an atheist, Donald. So I have no god to keep things with. That's where you come in. Stick around, and I'll discuss how much I used to love the fake band 2Gether and why tampons are better than pads.

Bite me, The Donald.

Holy shit, Michelle. 2Gether?

I once traded two old Slayer CD's in at a local record shop to buy the first 2Gether CD. The horrified look on the face of the clerk would have made it worth it even if I hadn't liked the CD. The second one was hilariously good too.

You ever see the TV show?

I was obsessed with that show. I almost blogged about it today.

Say it, don't spray it,
I want the news, not the weather

That shit was PRICELESS.


My favorite episode was the one when everyone thought Mickey was gay, and he kept trying to dress like Stone Cold Steve Austin but came off like a leatherman. And Chad got a job at Kinko's because he loved making copies. Chris Farley's brother used to slay me on that show. DOUG! The Record!

My favorite song was the one on the first CD by their rival boy band, "Rub One Out."

BTW, the movie is on DVD but not the series. Which is unfortunate, because the movie was good but the show was off the freakin' wall. I remember being excited for "Jailbait" because "2Gether" was so rad, but then it turned out 2Gether was just an aberration in MTV's otherwise consistent production of cataclysmically bad TV movies.

Oh yeah, to actually be on-topic: the Mars Volta song is just OK. I've never really liked them too much though, so please discount my opinion on that.

You ever listen to Hayden? You might like him.

Mars I liked. Although the last two minutes (I didn't use my hall pass to get out of the final two minutes) came out of left field. Good song then WHAAA?????

I really liked Queens of the Stone Age's Little Sister. I'm a sucker for songs with a beat and almost anything that begins with drums is a-okay in my book. Can anyone tell me if the rest of the album is similiar to this song? If so, then I will go out and buy it.

I love, love, love Hayden. Blogged about him a couple of times.

Oh, sorry. I'm new here.

Errr...didn't mean that to be snarky, was just saying :)

I didn't take it to be, so don't worry.

Hayden actually used to be on the radio up here in Detroit a long, long time ago. And on the major rock stations, no less. "Girl of my Dreams" still kills me.

OK, need to metal up FAST. So...you like The Locust? Combatwoundedveteran? Reversal of Man?

Girl of my Dreams is awesome. I think I'll load that up tomorrow night.

Metal talk will have to wait - it's bedtime. But if it's any indication of my metalness, I'm going to fall asleep with the iPod set on Crowbar and Clawfinger.

Fair enough on both counts. Have a good one!

Mars: Sorry, that chick's voice just hits my nervous system the wrong way. Didn't make it to the last two minutes.

Thanks for the Jack Johnson tip though. I actually stopped loading our iPods to listen to Steve Forbert Live on The King Biscuit Flower Hour the other day. I forgot I owned that disk.

1) QOTSA rocks, though I'd rather have Nick-style R/Songs for the Deaf than just-Josh self-titled stuff.

2) How come I just heard of this blog through a Pandagon link? What've I been missing?

You're joking, right? My God, what a piece of crap. And I don't mind some of the 80's power ballads. Now if you linked to some Cinderella ...

Mars Volta - is that Zeppelin or what?

First time I heard that song I was sure there'd been a reunion.

Seems I might be in the minority here, Michele, but that Mars Volta song is shit hot. But then, you knew I liked them. Wow, though, that's seriously awesome. I'm pumped for the new CD now. And I want to see them live. Looks like they're in Europe at the moment--hopefully they'll be hitting the states and swing by Portland.

MSI--I saw The Locust in concert on Saturday and they're completely nuts. Very cool, though. I was there mostly for The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, though, and they were just awesome.

Oh, and I really enjoy Straylight Run. The song you mention is great and I love Another Word For Desparate. I discovered them by accident, just looking through the CDs at work, and I'm happy I stumbled across them.

One and a half thumbs up for the Mars Volta track, and yes, if they still had 45-rpm singles, they'd have faded it out before all that racket at the end, where it sounds like someone got the brilliant idea of doing an emo remake of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music fercrissake.

OH my Michele ... I actually like I song you like?(perhaps you should reconsider - lol). But, my kids ask me to turn it down in the car (because, I crank it to 11) I can't explain why I like it, though ... perhaps you nailed it in the post. Imho, the singer makes it work.

The Mars Volta song is decent, but I don't really see why everyone thinks they are something that special. I am thinking of getting one of their albums to see what a lot of people are on about.

Ok, I downloaded, and it's cheesy,like a bad Queen meets Sebastian Bach song,with a touch of caterwauling by Annie Wilson.You know what I mean.

holy shit i just found out about Muse and Straylight Run about 3 weeks ago.

I was pissed at all my indie friends for not telling me about them either - Muse is freaking awesome.

The most played by them for me is "Time is Running Out", "Hysteria", "Butterflies and Hurricanes", "Microcuts", and "Thoughts of a Dying Atheist". Damn they are good.

And no matter what people say - Jack Johnson is amazing.