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Choose Your Own Blogging Adventure

After a four day weekend, it's hard to get back into the swing of things. I'm totally thrown off track today - it's a Wednesday but seems like a Monday. The kids are on vacation, which is making the morning now feel like a Saturday. I am a slave to routine. Days like this make me feel discombobulated all day long.

I have a bunch of things sitting in my "to blog" folder, none of which I will get to until later in the morning, after I get settled at work. Here's where you come in. You get to choose today's topic.
From the rarely seen inside of the mysterious "to blog" folder:

What's your preference?

"stop blogging" or "shut the hell up and get back to work" do not qualify as choices


Greatest rock and roll myths . . . or I like the second choice (theme songs), too.

Theme songs or games

My vote: Games

My pick: Pong.

My reason: If you pick games, I'll tell you!


"Sledge Hammer! starring David Rasche was one of the funniest and most underrated TV shows ever made."

Hooray for themes (been on the R&R myths, and must keep my mind out of games)

Woo. "Life altering experiences" sounds exciting.

Games. Definitely.

Theme songs ~ theme songs ~ theme songs!

Altering Life Experiences.

TV theme songs! TV theme songs!

I like theme songs and life altering experiences...

or life altering experiences that should be set to theme songs??

I'm still envious you can get the internet at work.

Life altering experiences...while playing one of the most important games of all time.

What, no option to continue the Jon Arbuckle Worships Satan theme?

Less pop culture, more roasted goats!

Since I watch a lot of TV I'd say theme songs. Hawaii 5-0 and Perry Mason are my favorites.

Rock myths!!!! What...all the rockers sleep in late?

Games or the female blogger thing

Myths! (Please?)


Followed by life altering experiences

Life Altering Experiences

theme songs, followed by rock myths

My vote goes to life altering experiences

wouldn't Life Altering Experiences take care of all the others?