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Complete the Band Breakup Trifecta

Blink 182 broke up today (or infinte hiatus, whichever phrase you like better).
The Jayhawks broke up today (huh? who?).

(Despite the rumors saying otherwise - and what would have been long overdue -, Korn did not break up today).

So what band would you like to see complete the break-up trifecta?


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Any band containing anyone who was ever in or affiliated with Creed.

The guy with the Mohawk in Blink-182 is probably thinking, "damn, now I can let my hair grow out."

Aerosmith. The new stuff is crap.

I never heard of any of those bands. I lead a sheltered life.

re: Blink 182

It's about time. Their juvenile pop/punk crapola was getting more and more tedious as they approached middle age.



Hey, I love the Jayhawks!

Blink 182 broke up today"

Thank you Jebus.

"Korn did not break up today."

Damn. On to Plan "B."

Rolling Stones.


Or is it "and again"......

Is it possible to break up Brittney Spears? Kelly Clarkson? Hillary Duff? Avril Lavigne? They all sound the same.

3 Doors Down
Green Day

All of these have their best days behind them (if they had any to begin with)...

Long overdue: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Of course, if it happens, Mr. Kiedis knows that he'll spend the rest of his life being followed by exclamations of "Look! it's Kid Rock!" So it'll never happen.

Can we just break up everyone who has ever been played on any Clearchannel radio station and call it good?

the weepy, self-indulgent Linkin Park.
Sick to death if their "no one understands me" crap.

Linkin Park, plus the other guy, for the "99 problems and a bitch ain't one" song, aka the 1,415,681,241st remix of their only song.

Green Day, for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". I get the point allready, shut up about it.

I can't get those two songs off my radio, and I loathe them both.

Also, anyone who has ever worn the label "Emo".

I'll take an Ashlee Simpson suicide and/or her getting dropped by her label and blacklisted from the entire entertainment industry.

Well, Jay-Z (99 Problems, Hard Knock Life, banging Beyonce) retired from rap to be the CEO of Def Jam. The duet with Linkin Park was his last single.

Damn, I love the Jayhawks, too!

I'd have to make sacrifices to the music gods for the breakup of Metallica. They should have gone away after Black, but they keep coming back....

In a sign there is hope in the music world, Creed DID break up a few months ago, to the relief of many eardrums around the globe.

The Unicorns broke up last week. The trifecta is complete. :(

I want M&M to break up somehow. Though he's not a band. Maybe he could break up with Dr. Dre and therefore lose the person who elevated him from well-deserved obscurity in the first place.

I'm still waiting for Velvet Revolver to self-destruct. Just cuz they will, sooner or later.

I still like Metallica, though St. Anger sucked mightily.

Yes, I've been drinking. Again.

Slipknot could go sod off, as well as Linken Park.

The new band (minus wanker Snapp) is said to be rather good, and shows that the Creed guys had talent but where held back by the ego in chief.

Funny, yesterday afternoon, KROQ in Los Angeles announced that HEAD left KORN to devote his life to Jesus Christ. That's not exactly a KORN breakup, but I wonder if that's the rumor Michele referred to?

I don't follow the modern music scene all that closely. But I have to admit that, faced with Michele's question, I too immediately thought of Linkin Park. That whole post-punk self-absorbed "nobody understands me" vibe is getting so damned tiresome.

I blame Nirvana.

I was listening to some old Led Zeppelin tunes the other day, and it's really interesting how there was almost NONE of that in their music. I can't remember any other '70s or '80s bands that were like that either. And The Who did teen angst a whole lot better, anyway.

Seriously, what happened in the '90's to make rock 'n' roll so freakin' depressing?

I would be happy if most of the bands that get played regularly on "Alternative" radio broke up, but the demise of Hoobastank would be the best of all. Their name alone conjures up all that is so very wrong with popular rock today.

Five for Fighting
Linkin Park

That'll do for now...

"Creed DID break up a few months ago."

Yes, they did....but now there is alter bridge, and scott stapp is walking around a free man, lying in wait for his chance to assault the eardrums of music lovers everywhere.


Well I can promise you that 20 years from now, the band that will be remembered will be the Jayhawks. Can you imagine listening to Blink 182 twenty years from now? I certainly cannot, and if you are...I feel sorry for you.

keep in mind, that i like(d) Blink and think their drummer is awesome

linkin park are spending time apart(according to Pheonix) but they havnt officially broken up. Chester and mike wanna go solo, which i think id good, like others have pointed it out, the lyrics are gettn stale, and i think the guitarist and bass player are good they just need another singer. One singer not this 2 crap. And cut Mr, Hahn. Just form a normal band. No Techno crap in the backgroud.

i cant belive head left korn.i found god cool for you but i still want u in the band.

listen JIM the guy with the mowhawks's name is traivs and his band rocked 93-05 loved you blink

korn`s breakup sucked ass.if linkenpark breaks up i`l comit suiced.boulavarde of broken dreams is awsome.alter bridge is gayer than gay

I think blink 182 is the greatest band! i would listen to there songs all day and not get tired of it! if u really listen to there songs and makeout wat they say u can picture the words in ur head. i think they are the best band and they are hot. if u dont like blink 182 ur really missing out on sum good music.

Man!!!! wuts with all of you all? you want some of the greatest bands to break up!!! KORN RULZ. and i sad with Head....blink is also awsome! no band should break up (the rock and metal ones is you know what i mean) i love em all. you people need to get a life! stop complaining about every god damn band. but i do agree with that one person with the Britney spears, hilary duff, and such....DIE YOU ALL DIE!!!!!! and most everyone on here to! i thank the ones who agree with me and love the bands.....later