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Quick, someone give me $750

You know my obsession with the movie Earthquake? And Sensurround?

Look what's for sale on eBay.

I am going to look into selling my soul for this. Think I can fetch $750 for a used soul?

And no, I have no idea what I would do with a GENUINE MOVIE THEATRE SENSURROUND SUBWOOFER! Except have weekly showings of Earthquake in SENSURROUND in my living room!



You are SUCH a geek. It's funny either way but...you're completely serious aren't you?

that'd definitely be cool to have, but honestly, i'd rather have the light-up dance floor from Saturday Night Fever.

First question is does it include the crossovers and amplifiers, or is it just the speaker system (drivers and enclosure)?

Dude, that thing is thrashed. I wouldn't pay anywhere near $750 for it. If it was actually worth it, don't you think another movie theater would have bought it up? That thing looks like it was dug up out of someone's backyard.

I don't think a Yankee-fan soul is worth any more than $220.

My guess is that you can get something more modern that has more whoomp-whoomp than that old thing for a lot less.

1- Yankee fans have already sold their souls. Sorry.

2- If you were able to purchase this device, would your home stand all those vibrations?

I still remember seeing Midway, the second sensurround film.

Those B-25s taking off the deck of the Hornet... they rocked.

Unfortunately it wouldn't work very effeciently in a living room and you'd need a serious amp to drive it properly. Modern subs are designed to effeciently produce bass in a living room whereas that Cerwin Vega box needs a large room to work properly.

Now that Saturday Night Fever dance floor, that's worth looking at...

Er, make that efficiently. Twice, please.