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Do You Believe in Miracles?

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the greatest moment in all of sports history.


More on this later.

[By "later" I mean this evening]

Ok, I never got around to it, but Sheila did.


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I'm tearing up just thinking about it...

I can't believe I was going to let this day go by without even thinking about this. THank you Michele.

Why did I know you wouldn't miss this?

25th? But but...it seems so recent (and wonderful, I screamed myself hoarse and sounded like Susan Estrich for days)

oh god, I'm old.

Great memories. Hockey was such a fabulous sport.

Why is it that they don't play it anymore?

Yeah, I was thinking how today was bittersweet too.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I fail to see why a game in which an overconfident Soviet team slacks off and looses by one crummy point is the greatest moment in all of sports history.

That was the moment when the cynicism of the 1970s ended. It set the stage for Reagan's historic victory a few months later. I was still a bitter and angry leftist, but even I couldn't resist chanting "USA, USA!"

Yeah, I was thinking how today was bittersweet too.

It reminds me of 1994; Ken Burns' wonderful documentary Baseball was airing at the same time the World Series wasn't because of the strike.

nathan e, hunny?
Did you, or have you, ever watched the game? Not the end, THE GAME.
I doubt it with a dumbass post like that.

The college punks tore the heart right out of the Soviet. They chased Tretiak, fer cryingouloud! It had nothing to do with the last seconds; it was about the beating they delivered in the third period. (And Jimmy Craig dancing on his head).

Nathan E - You seem to have trouble understanding the concept of magnitude. This wasn't the Red Sox finally beating the Yankees - it was a college team beating the Yankees when they had Ruth and Gherig. Saying the Russians were overconfident is like saying that you are being overconfident when you go to step on a bug crawling along the floor. You could NOT reasonably expect that there was any chance that bug would somehow rise up and kick your ass. But at one special time in one special place, it did happen.

The proper terminology is one crummy goal, not one crummy point.

i was listening to something on the radio about that this morning. And then i frowned because there is no hockey this year. the bastards.

Oh, they figured out what was going on and started fighting.

It didn't matter. The Russians were undone.

And winning the Gold in the next game showed us all it wasn't a fluke.

I was a junior at North Texas State. Watched the game with an apartment full of Texas rednecks.

It was magnificent.

Oh, and rest in peace Herb. And thanks.

A guy in my office has the picture in a special frame and on the base there is a bottom that replays the last 10 seconds of the game. Every once in a while, if I was in his office, I would press the button just to feels the chills run down my spine. I ended up in Upstate NY just a few years later. One of my first destinations was Lake Placid. To stand there and try to imagine the pressure, just couldn't do it.

Definately the Greatest Moment in American Sports.

i'm still on the edge of my seat as the last seconds tick off the clock when watching that game. it is not like the outcome will change, but in some strange way i feel almost sent back in time every time i see it.

remember the end of the first period when the russians left the ice thinking the period was over after johnson's goal? then only 3 skaters and backup goalie myshkin came out for the puck drop?

that game was definitely the greatest upset in american sports history.

It's on ESPN right now, and Eruzione and Craig are also talking, along w/remebrances of the Russian goalie.

I'm taping it as we speak.

Geez, the actor who played the Russian coach looked a lot like the actual coach.

Then I watched the opening of the 2002 Olympics.

they're all coming out!