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Making the Rounds

It's Estrogen Week over at Ilkya's place and she's using the purty, girly banner I made for her. Maybe we'll do each other's nails and read Teen Beat together.

Iowhawk has Mommy Aid
(a response to the Super Moms article)

I'm linking to Meryl because I love her. She's got so much good stuff going on, just start at the top and scroll down. Also, when she has some free time, we are going to do a cross-blog debate on Porky Pig.

Dr. Grosz has a sleek new design.

Star Wars crap. A Jabba the Hut eraser. Man, I thought I had everything.


Personally, I always preferred Tiger Beat

MMmmmm.......Davy Jones.......MMmmmmm

D-d-d-d-does this mean I have to pr-pr-pr- watch more cartoons before the debate?

Maybe we'll do each other's nails and read Teen Beat together.


I know it shouldn't, but to this day it still astounds me how many different things Lucas would license. I swear I saw Star Wars Viagra in a deal with Pfizer the other day.

In response to your title header...

Kamikaze backbone
Nine iron spitfire
Continental samurai
Oh my lord
Brown sugar, sweet potato
Sourmash, baby back
Redneck romance
Bless my soul

Jay is my new best friend.

I actually remeber having a Jabba eraser. I think I tried to eat it though...