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The Line Begins to Blur (New NIN!)

With Teeth is what the album will be called (as you already know if you're a NIN fan) and one song The Line Begins to Blur- - has been leaked, of course (there was previously a teaser of the song up here, but just about ten seconds of it.

It is good. It is very good. Oh god, it's SWEET. I have such high hopes for this album - I don't recall anticipating an album this much and I know now I will not be disappointed. The official release date is May 3. I'm going to start a countdown. I am jonesing for this.

If you want the mp3, leave a note in the comments. I'll mail it, but I'm not posting it here.


It's so good to hear his voice on something new. He still sounds so pure. And the music - industrial, hard, melodic. Good shit. Like old times. Not that the new times weren't good, but...this is GOOD.

I'll stop now before I start sounding obsessive.

[Some reviews in the comments]


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I would love the mp3, Michele. So would my roommate. More than me. I would be endlessly grateful for the hookup.

Please Please Please can I have a copy! I'd gladly pay you tuesday for a leaked track today.

Old times? Like pre-Downward Spiral?

Plese, oh please, hit me up with that.

As a former contest winner, I'd love a copy.

I'll do anything to get it from you, including giving your non-existant penis all the attention it desires.

Ooh! The teaser sounded soooo GOOD! I gotta have it.

I'd love to get a copy of that song. Thanks!


Thank you so much for sharing Michele!

I would agree with her - it's amazing. I think he was a purity and "real" quality to his vocals in how he alternates his screaming and melodic crooning. As always, perfect.

I'm going to the concert. I don't care where I have to go to see them. I saw them 2x in 2 nights in CA last tour and they were without a doubt the best shows I've ever seen.

Thank you Michele.

And Thank you Trent.

Greetings! I'd sure love to hear that song... if all I gotta do is leave a comment, that's a small price to pay. If it'll require more, we can enter negotiations.

I'm sure we can find something I have that you want. ;p


can't wait - thx

Uhm... can I just say "Me too! Me too?"

Please and Thank you.

Many thanks...enjoyed that track; sounded like pretty 'pure' NiN to me. (Including needing to play it six or seven times to make out all the lyrics...)

It IS really good. Can't wait for the CD.

But you know what I REALLY can't wait for? The remix EP! To my mind the very best Halo release was further down the spiral what with the trance inducing 14 minute singles in 11/32 time measures, and of course hurt(quiet).

I haven't heard it, but would surely like to. Many grovelling gratitudes if you can mail it to me, Your Blogness.

Is Andre The Giant still singing for them?

Obsess away, Michele. This is the one good thing I've heard today.

Could I please get a copy? I'd be eternally grateful.


Please also?

Please and thank you!

Hit me Michele. My kids will know the power of ASV and I will have scored one.

'share' that file please :-)

Awww, yeah! I can't wait for this album. No, really, I can't - please send me the track... :-)

Could I have a copy of the file too? Thanks!

Pretty please?

I'm really looking forward to this one too. Treacher got me preoccupied with that damned LCD Soundsystem though. Still, NIN is NIN and totally owned me in high school as this picture attests.

Damn, that is awesome! My soul has needed some new NIN for quite some time! Thanks Michele.

Really gritty, low-fi verse. Sounds like he was standing in an empty room 10 feet away from the mic until the verse (which isn't a bad thing). It didn't wow me, but I liked it. I always seem to use "Pretty Hate Machine" as the basis for comparison when I listen to NIN (that album floored me way back when). This seems simpler and more bare (which again isn't necessarily bad). I like his plodding tunes, but I sort of miss some of the energy and schizo keyboard stuff he did early on. I'll still definitely pick it up when it comes out. Thanks for sending it.


your music taste is great.

could you email the .mp3 also.



I meant "until the chorus" ... preview, preview, preview.

Definitely a stripped down tune but with the same thunderous vulnerability if you will. Hopefully, the new album will have some angrier tunes, but this one gets a thumbs up.

If you aren't sorry you offered yet... could I please have a copy?

I'd LOVE THIS, please. Thanks!

Please send that to me? Thanks! Ooohh New NIN! Aieyyyeee!

I'd love a copy. I'll have to fly back from frickin China if he goes on tour again...

Mmmmm... grindy.

My fear with long pauses between albums is that something weird and unapproachable will come out. This song has the right mix of what I love about NIN while not sounding like a remake of old stuff.

Now I'm really looking forward to the album.

Me likey. Me love you long time.

Didn't do much for me...thanks for your generosity.
(and hi to Rob)

AAhhh!! Everything I loved about NIN without the slick commercialism.

I've never felt torn between my industrial faves Skinny Puppy and the more melodic NIN but I always feel as though I have to defend to Puppy fans why I like NIN. Ultimately, I just listen to what fits my mood and this does it tonight.

The wait was worth it. It drops 2 weeks before my birthday, too! Every 41 year old should have a little NIN on their wishlist, don'tcha think?

A million thanks, Michele. You rock!

I've never felt torn between my industrial faves Skinny Puppy and the more melodic NIN but I always feel as though I have to defend to Puppy fans why I like NIN. Ultimately, I just listen to what fits my mood and this does it tonight.

Ah, the Skinny Puppy v. NIN thing.

NIN ripped off everything they know from Skinny Puppy!
did not!
did too!

Ah, the good old AOL chat room days.

Michele, can you hook up a fellow Packer backer and NIN fan?


if i could have a copy of the song, that would make me very happy..

Please? Pretty Hate Machine Please?


Disclaimer: I've never been a worshiper of NIN. But I'm always intrigued by Trent Reznor. I don't really know why. Quite a bit of his music bores me.

This one doesn't bore me. At least not yet.

It has a really interesting throb. The vocals are weirdly evocative of Monster Magnet, which doesn't seem usual for Trent. I love the digital/organic crust-around-the-torn-metal-eardrum sounds.

I like it. And I get the impression that I'm going to like it a lot in just a few days, after it spends some time in my beloved Gypsy. (You're not the only one who named an iPod, Michele.)

At 11pm, when I should be sleeping but can't, this hits the right note. Don't know that I'll rush right out and get it on its first day of release, but I'm on my 3rd repetition and I'm still enjoying. Not jonesing, but enjoying.

That may be as far as I get.

I'd love to hear it! stark23x at gmail dot com

oooohhhhh... gimme gimme gimme! p-p-p-please?

I would love a copy if you're still sending them out!

Thank you thank you thank you

Not his best work, imho, but even bad NIN is better than 90% of what's around, so I'm still anxiously looking forward to the album. (Thanks again for the hookup!)

I'd love to receive it too.


Please? Can I have it too?

Would love to hear the song. Thanks.

please email me the mp3's ,friday is my birthday and that would be a great present mp3's of with teeth!

I would adore the mp3.

The teaser gave me goosebumps!

OMG please? Im like a little school girl waiting for this album. This puts you a step below the man himself.


would love to hear new NIN track... where can i get it?

If you could e-mail it to me, I'd be eternally grateful.

Many thanks _

yes. please. and thank you very much!

Could you please send it to me as well? Thank you

Could I have a copy too, please?

You rock. When you get a chance, I'd like the mp3 as well.

Awesome - I'd love the Mp3 Michelle - Glad to see another NIN fan blogging about this !! I too can't wait until With Teeth is released - and NIN comes to Detroit!!!

Can you please share the mp3 with me?

Id love a copy, if you could please ?


I got it.. please send me a mail and i`ll send u the mp3 by mail.. (8.5 MB 320 Kbps)

sorry Trent..

Bless you, you wonderful creature. Now I have you to thank for this glorious gift and you to blame when I get no further work done due to nincessant aural ecstasy.

please send me a copy too, i love you :)

Uh, this song reminds me of something off... Helmet's "Size Matters".

Another poster said "he alternates his screaming and melodic crooning". Hmm... just like Page Hamilton's current vocal style.

I'm not at all saying there was some sort of "ripping off" going on here. Neither artist needs to do that (and hey, I have loved both bands for years). I just think they have evolved towards each other, oddly enough. Did working with Charlie Clouser do this to them?

I've got it and if you want it just install a peer to peer like shareaza and search for "line begins blur" and bingo. It's like 8.7 megs cause its been encoded at 320 kbps (great quality for mp3!!). And Jesus! don't worry about appearing obsessive! Most nine inch nails fans are!
That's why they call it a cult following!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! It's soooooo awsome!!!! :) :) :) I loved it too!!! I so can't wait for this album!!!

oh and if you don't LOVE it straight away, just listen to it a dozon times or more like I did and you will, oh yes.

please, i'm a huge italian fan of nin.....could u send me the link for the new nin? thanks a lot

Share the love, friends. Can't install P2P at work.

Hey :)
Can you send it to me, too? I'm a huge fan of NIN.

Good stuff -- looking forward to the album.

I can't wait to buy the album, plz plz plz send it to me :)

bah.. i think i'm too late... but if you could find it in your heart to send it anyways... i would greatly appreciate it... and i love you . xxx

could you pretty please email the mp3 to me?

Since people are asking all over for it... I was wondering if you could send it my way also?

Ok, maybe I'm just not the same person I was a decade ago, but I don't really like it too much. It's not that it's bad, maybe I'm just not in the mood. I've been hating a lot of music these days, so I guess it;' just me...


This closed down ex-radio station is playing like the whole album at their pirate station http://www.live365.com/stations/y100rocks. It frekin aweome!

i need to join the masses. someone send me the freakin' track already!

many thanks in advance.

If your still taking requests, i'd love a copy :D i can't find the song anywhere :'(

Um...I think I have worked out what the lyrics are to The Line Begins to Blur. It was difficult, probably more difficult than any other NIN song I've heard. Many parts are inaudible, especially lyrics around the "I Don't Know" portion of the song. This is a fantastic song that reveals a lot of depression. With all respect to Trent's poetry, my interpretations:

There are things that I said I would never do
There are fears that I cannot believe are not true
for my soul is too sick and too (inaudible)
In myself I am known to veer into hate (inaudible)

The more I stay in here
The more itís not so clear
The more I stay in here
The more I disappear
As far as I have gone
I knew what side Iím on
But now Iím not so sure
The line begins to blur

Is there someone evil calling me
I donít know (2X)
Isnít anyone stopping me
I donít know (2X)
From taking all my breath (very inaudible)
I donít know (2X)
(most inaudible lyrics)Öcan I go
I donít know (3X)

As I lie here in (inaudible)
The fabric starts to tear
Its far beyond repair
And I donít even care
As far as I have gone
((I have gone))
I knew what side Iím on
((I know what side Iím on))
But now Iím not so sure
The line begins to blur

(Beautifully placed guitar)
-repeated singing
(In the ending I believe trent sings the word blur 4X)

(Appaulse and encore on my behalf)

This tune is absolutely awesome...the downward spiral days are here again.

i would like the mp3 too please.

Nice translation. I think that in the first verse the third line goes, "In myself, I have grown to veer into hate".

when u said 'the most inaudiable lyrics it goes " just how far can i go". " as i lie here and stare". the one were u said he has been known to veer into hate is.... i have grown to weary to hate. others include my soul being sick and too late. and where u put is there someone evil callin me... it's " is there someone on top of me". I found this song to be audible, and easy to understand.

REAL LYRICS (Or atleast 98% CORRECT!)

"The Line Begins to Blur"

There are things,
That I said I would never do.
There are fears,
That I cannot believe have come true.

For my soul,
Is too sick and too little or to late.
And myself,
I have grown too weary to hate.

The more I stay in here,
The more it's not so clear.
The more I stay in here,
The more I disappear.

As far as I have gone,
(I have gone..)
I knew what side i'm on.
And where i'm not so sure,
The line begins to blur.

Is somebody ontop of me?
I don't know,
I don't know.
Isn't anyone stopping me?
I don't know,
I don't know.
Why i'm trying just to hold my breath?
I don't know,
I don't know.
Just how far down can I go?
I don't know,
I don't know,
I don't know.

As I lay here and stare,
The fabric starts to tear.
It's far beyond repair,
And I don't really care.

As far as I have gone,
(I have gone..)
I knew what side I'm on.
(I know what side i'm on..)
But now I'm not so sure,
The line begins to blur.

[Beautiful Guitar Collection]