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All Your Presidents Are Belong To Us

Guess the Presidential Hair
Presidential Quiz

Personal tidbits about my favorite President, George Washington:

  • I played Martha Washington in a third grade school play.
  • His dog was named Sweet Lips
  • He liked to fish and explore caves
  • His favorite soup was cream of peanut
  • The cherry tree tale, while fascinating and a good morality story to tell your children, is not true.

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Personal tidbit: We visit the Theodore Roosevelt sanctuary at least once a year.

Our 16th President, Abe Lincoln
Our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln

What President are you?
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Happy President's Day!


I got JFK. I could go for the Marilyn Monroe part but I hate getting shot in the head.
The neurosurgeons where I work would probaby do nothing about it anyways, even if I managed to get to the hospital.

I got George Washington. Cool!

Quick story about George Washington:

My family and my sister's family were visiting my father in D.C. for Christmas of 1995. Worst time to tour D.C. as the entire government was shutdown, all monuments and Smithsonian museums closed. Congress? Not in session obviously. Nothing to do tourist-wise, right?! Well, Mount Vernon was still open. Now, most of us have been there at least 3 times, but the house was "decorated” for Christmas. Hey, something new!

As it turned out, Americans in the late 18th century didn't really go all out for Christmas (they didn't even have a "crap tree"). Just a couple of strings of fir tree branches on the mantels of the fireplaces and over some of the hallway entrances. Kind of disappointing waiting in line for over an hour for that.

We wandered around the grounds for a bit, and found a couple of guys working inside a roped off area with a sign that said “Archeological Dig: Repository for Dung”. I looked at my brother-in-law and his eyes said “Don’t say it!”, but I couldn’t help it. In a high pitched voice I yelled “Dennis, there's some lovely filth over here!” One of the guys gave me a glare like: “Yeah, buddy, first time I’ve heard that joke… today!”

Finally, near the exit, there were a few ladies dressed up in 18th Century garb, handing out hot cider and cookies. One of ladies said, “These are ginger cookies. Ginger was Pres. Washington’s favorite spice.” My brother-in-law quipped, “That’s funny, Ginger was my favorite castaway.” The poor lady’s face was completely blank. “Uh, okay”, she stammered. With eyes rolling, our wives dragged us out, with looks that told us “Boy, are you all gonna get it when we get to the car!”

I'm partial to James K. Polk.

But here is a short little clip of G.W. I like.

I managed to be George Washington, for reasons that utterly escape me.

I mean, I really did chop down a cherry tree.

Okay, I cannot tell a lie, it was an apricot tree. But it did fall on the cherry tree, so that counts, right?

Washington must be the default setting on that quiz. I got him, too.

I swear: I've never even been in the same room as a powdered wig.

SarahW: Have you ever heard the They Might Be Giants song about (and called, fancy that!) "James K. Polk"? It's worth tracking down if you haven't.

I got George W. Bush, despite avoiding the obvious joke answers that imply him, and despite clicking the two answers that refer to weight. I was fully expecting to get William Howard Taft ... and how pathetic is it that I found myself WANTING to get William Howard Taft?

I assume that is the painting that started all those "Lincoln was gay" rumours.

For the record, since my informal survey has proven too many people's ignorance: On Monday, the federal holiday was not President's Day. There is no such federal holiday. The day was Washington's Birthday. Congress has never passed any legislation recognizing President's Day. (Pres. Nixon signed the executive order making federal holidays three-day weekends)

So quiz your friends and see if anyone knows the true holiday.

Who cares? I got the day off, that's all that matters.