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S-s-s-s-aturday night

I've been spending the evening flipping back and forth between Toy Story 2 (Disney channel) and Carrie (UPN) and looking for parallel story lines between the two.


Anyhow, I just wanted to pop in here to say this:

Napoleon Dynamite is a role model for today's youth, and Roger Ebert is a stupid bodagget

I bet Treacher has sweet dance moves.

And I bet he has nothing in common with either Toy Story 2 or Carrie.

And just so you don't think I'm crazy: Pig's blood....pig...ok?


Carrie? Toy Story?

Nah, I caught Zoolander on TBS.

Nothing beats a male supermodel gasoline fight.


Roger Ebert doesn't think NP isn't funny? This coming from the guy who penned great lines in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls like "You will drink the black sperm of my vengence."

That's a riot Roger...

Vengeful sperm? Wonder if Ebert's a pro-lifer.

I'm curious. You MUST post the similarities between the two.

Oh, and awesome blog.

TS2 and Carrie are both based on superior source materials (TS1 and Carrie the book). That's all I got.