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Friday Night Music Mayhem - Quickie Edition

All selections tonight come from my favorite compilation ever, Short Music for Short People - a collection of 101 30 second punk songs.

Have a listen while I go over and tabulate the winners in the Mr. Burns v. Willie showdown. Damn, I'm tired - I'll give you a dollar if you do the counting for me...

Hand Grenade - Offspring
The Ballad of Willhelm Fink - Green Day
Freeghan - Bigwig
300 Miles - One Man Army
To All the Kids - Vandals

Vandals lyrics included. You can look up the rest of the lyrics here.

To all the kids with
Headgear and braces and freckly faces
Glasses and acne and foster care families
Eating disorders who sit on the corners
Bikes with a basket and pants with elastic
Retards and spastics and Star Trek fanatics
And guys in gymnastics with lives that are tragic
Chess club contenders with speculative genders
Friends they imagine with matching pajamas
(God loves us all)

How can you not love that?

remember, downloads expire the next day


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Excellent choices. Especially nice to see some love for the gone but not forgotten OMA...