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just sayin' [Update]

Principal Skinner doesn't have even one vote yet.

Update: Obviously, Skinner cheated. He paid you guys to vote for him, didn't he? I demand a recount!

Wait, I don't have to demand a recount. I made this poll and I can read the results any way I want to.

Groundskeeper Willie wins!

Speaking of winners, I'll announce the VDay poetry winner and his prize tomorrow.


there are two Principals Skinner ... we're not sure which one to vote for.

That is so sad... typical treatment of a Vietnam Vet who spent months in a tiger cage.

All of a sudden he has 64. What's up with that?

The man who coined the term "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" had to win!

Hey, I actually did vote for Skinner. What gives?

Hooray for the ugliest man in Glasgow!

Surprised I won, are ye? There's nary an animal alive that can outrun a greased Scotsman!

There's nary an animal alive that can outrun a greased Scotsman!

I don't know why, but one of the guaranteed laugh-getters of that show for me is whenever Willie rips open his shirt and he's like, totally cut. Who would expect that? With his overalls, he looks like he has a straight-up beer gut.

I wish I could remember the quote he has to the wolf he wrestles at the schoolyard. Something like "Doan feel bad, son. Aye was wrestling wolves when ye were still suckling at yr'mather's teat."

I'm not terribly surprised Willie won, but I'm a littled puzzled Otto got so many votes. I probably would have voted for either Ralph Wiggum or Troy McClure (Phil Hartman, RIP). But my favorite secondary character is Edna Krabappel, who slayed me when she showed her class the Fuzzy Bunny sex ed video and commented, "She's faking it."

Where the F**K is Disco Stu?

Maybe he SHOULD have advertised.

Worst. Poll. Ever.

With all due respect to Michelle (and I'm morally sure that somebody's already mentioned it, but I'm too lazy to troll through to be sure) the best Simpsons Supporting Character contest, EVER, was The Road To Springfield (http://www.roadtospringfield.com/) from a couple of years back. The final came down to Burns vs. Ralph Wiggum, and Ralphie put up quite a battle (if only he knew what one was) before losing to Monty. Click through and check it out, the comments on the votes are funnier than anything on the actual Simpsons show yet this season.

(My pick in the RTS was Barney, BTW, but in Michelle's poll I'll go with Willie.)