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I ♥ Comics


I'm working on my addition to this comics blog meme - 100 Things I Love About Comics. Some made lists, others went all out and fancy. My attempt is to provide a link for each thing on my list, and maybe throw a few graphics in.

This will take a while. I'm up to number 69. Feel free to throw in your own suggestions.


Oooh! There's the smell of old newsprint that's been wrapped in mylar since '65, Z-list characters like Katana, Z-list characters like Katana showing up in things like Identity Crisis, Big dopey crossovers, Jim Starlin's obscure cast of cosmic characters, elaborate death traps, Starman's carefully crafter Golden Age nostalgia, Walt Simonson's slavish devotion to Kirby's New Gods, Monster Magnet's constant references to silver age Marvel villains, Garth Ennis, Garth Ennis, and howabout Garth Ennis?

But what about the 100 things you hate most about comics? Like Stan Lee taking all of Kirby's credit, or people who insist on calling it "sequential art," or Tom DeFalco?

You MUST have a least one (if not three entries) on the great 1980's comic strip artist triumverent. I'm speaking of course about:

Cathy Guisewite, Bil Keane and Jim Davis (I really hate to leave off Tom Wilson, but standards are standards)...

Or, if you prefer, the lesser comic geniuses of Berekley Breathed, Gary Larson and Bill Watterson.

Marvel Silver Age! Virtually any of the titles! I've been renewing my love for comic art these days (criminy, Michele - just ask The Hot Wife - it's downright spooky how much we're on the same chronological wavelength!)

Wally Wood anything!

Jim Steranko's Captain America/Hydra saga (around #112, I think)

Neal Adams' Kree-Skrull War Avengers/Fantastic Four crossover epic!

Jim Starlin's Warlock/Magus epic

JACK KIRBY! ALL HAIL THE KING OF COMICS! All his Marvel stuff, but especially his DC stuff when he defected from Marvel, like Demon, Mister Miracle, Kamandi, New Gods, etc...

Early Marvel John Byrne!

Walt Simonson's run at DC in the mid 70s.

All the Mike Ploog Planet of the Apes and Man-Thing strips.

All 18 of the original Silver Surfers - just beautiful!

Klaus Janson's inks on anybody's pencils

The classic Buscema/Sinnot Fantastic Four period

All the early Barry Smith Conans

All of Vaughn Bode's stuff - it all rocked...as well as all of the classic UG art of guys like Greg Irons, Victor Moscoso, Robert Williams, S. Clay Wilson, Richard Corben, John Pound, Larry Todd, Crumb, Skip Williamson, et al...

Everything EC - I'm still obsessive about collecting that stuff and really love most all of the EC artists and writers. Early MADs until all the greats like Kurtzman started to slip away.

J.E. Smith's Bulletproof and Complex City books.

ALl those cheap, gory b&w mags that were prevalent during the 70s, mostly with Dick Ayers-style artists, with lurid covers depicting all manner of decapitation and dismemberment!

F.O.O.M. - the mags, the fanclub, and everything around it. God, I loved that period of Marveldom...

The original bronze Spiderman and Hulk coins that marvel offered in the early 70s.

The 70s Marvel Stamp promotion (with the numbered stamps of different characters that were printed in different titles in order to persuade you to buy crap that you didn't really want like Thoroughly Modern Millie and Two-Gun Kid...)

The 7-11 Marvel character Slurpee cups - I had 'em all.

Marvel's shortlived Doc Savage honeymoon which almost worked...

Bernie Wrightson's original Swamp Thing series

Pulling a mag out of the newstand carousel and realizing that it had a fresh, double cover

The mediocre (but somewhat exciting) 1970s Atlas/Seaboard bid to gain a spot in the marketplace with titles like IronJaw, Tarantula and Planet of the Vampires

Charlton's comeback period with titles like Joe Staton's E-Man and John Byrne's Doomsday+4, as well as Mike Zeck's stupendous inking on a lot of otherwise mediocre pencils

All the great painted covers on the Dell and Charlton 60s comics like Magnus Robot Fighter, Captain Solarr and Space Family Robinson

God, I could go on forever. It was such an exciting time to be young and fanatic about comics, movies and music. Getting old sucks, no question. sigh

Dear Lord - how could I have forgotten - BASIL WOLVERTON!!!!

1. The Batman Christmas stories from the 1940s; every single one of them is a classic tear-jerker.

2. Top Ten (except for the disgusting last issue).

3. The smell of old, coverless comics.

4. The fact that they really did kill Robin (the obnoxious Jason Todd one).

5. The hilariously soap opera-ish first 150 issues of Amazing Spider-Man, where virtually every character who ever appeared eventually turns into a super-villain.

6. The fact that Dr Wertham (who's generally portrayed as a blue-nosed conservative moralist) was actually a bleeding heart liberal trying to get young killers a light sentence.

7. EC's horror mags. Often imitated, never equalled.