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100 Things I Love About Comics - A Work in Progress [Updated]

[I've moved this up top because I update it - a lot. But it's still not done and it's taking longer than expected thanks to work, kids, etc. I'm having fun making the list and finding the links, so I don't mind stretching it out a bit]

A meme stolen from Johnny Bacardi.

This is my my addition to this comics blog meme - 100 Things I Love About Comics. Some made lists, others went all out and fancy.

My goal is to provide not only a link for each numbered entry, but to link to anything I may have written on the subject previously. That's what those bullet points next to some of the entries are.

I figure if I put the incomplete list up here, it will motivate me to finish it faster than if I just let it linger in the 'draft' pile. Hopefully, I'll finish this some time today, workload permitting. Your two cents on my choices welcome, as always (as well as the inevetable - and helpful - comments about what I didn't include).

List below.

  1. Sandman
  2. Preacher
  3. Transmetropolitan
  4. Watchmen
  5. Roman Dirge
  6. Milk and Cheese
  7. Trent Kanuga
  8. Johnny
  9. Squee
  10. # Lenore
  11. Grrl Scouts
  12. Blankets
  13. Mike Mignola
  14. Warren Ellis was once a guest poster on ASV
  15. The Beat
  16. Fantagraphics
  17. Dark Horse
  18. Adam Warren
  19. Toren Smith (*)
  20. Amok Time
  21. Back issue boxes
  22. Filler Bunny
  23. Creepshow
  24. Archie, Veronica and Betty
  25. Frank Miller
  26. TCJ
  27. Acid Keg
  28. Maakies
  29. Comic Book Guy
  30. Achewood
  31. Action figures
  32. Madman
  33. Stan Lee
  34. Dave Sim, mostly
  35. Free Comic Book Day
  36. (Some) comic book movies
  37. Sam Keith
  38. Spider Jerusalem
  39. Dave McKean
  40. Will Eisner
  41. Harley Quinn
  42. Reading Spider-Man in the Daily News
  43. Maus
  44. Getting my son interested in comics
  45. getting my daughter to read Sandman
  46. Sitting on the floor at Borders, with the graphic novel section all to myself
  47. Rorschach
  48. Bone
  49. Kavalier and Clay
  50. Jimmy Corrigan
  51. Vertigo covers
  52. Cassidy
  53. Delirium
  54. Slave Labor
  55. Shadow Star
  56. Josh Reads
  57. Calvin and Hobbes
  58. Lobo
  59. Reading comics in public
  60. CBLDF
  61. Sideshow collectibles
  62. Escapism
  63. Scott McCloud
  64. Cerebus
  65. Comic blogs
  66. J. Jonah Jameson
  67. The Batmobile
  68. Eltingville/Dork
  69. Too Much Coffee Man (that is a horrible website. horrid)
  70. Snoopy riding a zamboni. Or fighting the Red Baron. Or playing hockey with Woodstock.
  71. Penny Arcade
  72. Neilalien
  73. The Crow
  74. The defunct Four Color Hell
  75. The Maxx
  76. Skellebunnies
  77. Frank Frazetta
  78. Gary Larson
  79. Garth Ennis
  80. A shared obsession with my husband
  81. The Acme Novelty Library
  82. Shaun of the Dead as a comic
  83. Little Gloomy
  84. Red Meat
  85. Newspaper comics of my youth
  86. Simon Bisley
  87. Get Fuzzy
  88. Jim Treacher's parodies of old comic book ads
  89. Iceman
  90. Bazooka Joe


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Good stuff there. #86 for ya could be PvP. Troll just rocks.

What? No Bill the Cat/Opus/Steve Dallas/Binkley?

Oh, well 2 out of three ain't bad (refering to Larson and Calvin)

Great list! Don't stop now!

You know, ASV should really be on the Comics Weblog Update site...with your leave, I'll submit your URL.

Cerebus and Dave Sim? I kinda enjoyed his rants in the back of the book (especially Why Canada Slept).

Transmetropolitan was great but I felt very uncomfortable that the character was obviously "borrowed" from HST/Mr Duke.

Miller's old stuff was classic, but DKR2 was dreck.

Don't know if you've read it or not, but I'm partial to "Get Fuzzy"- best thing I've been able to find since the demise of "Calvin and Hobbes".

Oh, and loved the link to your observations about drooling fanboy at the Barnes and Noble. I like manga but buy most of it on-line just to avoid those kind of encounters (plus the prices are so much better).

Any Pinkerton stuff you like? Batman origin comics? Comic book cover critiques? Godzilla vs. Morgan Freeman in the battle for the U.S. Presidency? Me and Fred Savage?

(I can't believe I just whored for the guy like that. I especially can't believe I included Me and Fred Savage.)

So there are people who actually read comics?

I mean besides C&H.

I don't think I could do 100, so I'm going to try 10, starting with the Golden Age Wonder Woman's kinky sexual overtones.

Ilyka, good choice. In fact, I was thinking of entering his contest.

What a coincidence. I just started (a few months ago) collecting again.

My recommendation is to check out "Supreme Power" from Marvel's MAX line. It's an updated telling of the Squadron Supreme story (which is itself a darker version of the DC universe) for mature readers.

I also recommend "Gotham Central" and Bendis' "Powers."