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Who Ownzzzzz the Chiefs?

This blog is officially in mourning.

Just for the hell of it: hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey

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Growing up in upstate NY, one would have thought that there would have been a big hockey presence for kids to gravitate toward but there wasn't much. When I went to college downstate with a bunch of LawnGislanders, I was blown away by how many fierce hockey fans there were. It never made sense to me. Reading through your links recounting the glory days of the Islanders puts it into perspective.


eh. the minor league games were always more fun to go to, anyway. go, Gulls!

Ah, Valentine's Day, the day hockey died.

I agree with about Bettman. The NHL wasn't in very good shape to start with. You'd think that the owners and players would realize that even "winning" the lockout - getting a bigger share of a smaller pie - could end up leaving them worse off than before. The NHL depends on full arenas for most of its revenue, and whenever this is over I think there are going to be a lot of half-empty arenas for a long time to come. Hockey is not the American past-time, and it requires a lot more effort to physically go to a game than it does to sit at home and watch something on TV...

boz, perhaps 'tis the season for hockey fans to start asking, "What Would Al Capone Do?"

Amen, Pro sports can go away for all I care.

Is it wrong to laugh at a funeral? Sorry if it is, but I can't stop.

However I will admit that last years playoff run by the Tampa Bay Lightning was one of the best 4 week periods for sports in this area ever. It was great. And this year would have been lots of fun.

But I still can't stop laughing.

What are "sports"?

It makes the effort to break the addiction easier.

No shit, there's still an NHL?

the news conference was postponed until wednesday. fingers crossed.

I have been a Detroit Red Wings fan almost as long as I've been a Detroit Tigers fan (I never said I was smart), and this is almost as infuriating as the year the World Series was cancelled.

At least the pitchers and catchers report Thursday.


Pro hockey? Who cares?

They all can just get the puck outta' here.

Good news...it leaves the ice free for....curling!

I agree - but I have to disagree with the column that you link.

The players are certainly at fault as well. Why do these guys need multi-million dollars per year? Why do we have a Lindros - who did two years of his spoiled brat "I'm not gonna play" act in Philadelphia?

Hockey has lost the guys who grew up playing at the local rink or on the frozen lake. Now, it's looking like every other professional sport - the players and owners just out to make a buck.

Who can afford to attend more than one game at the NHL level per year? 100-section seats in Philly go for $90 each! The only reasonable seats are so high up that there are rental binoculars permanently attached to the bottom of the seats.

NHL - play your golf and start figuring out how many rounds you'll have to miss in your old age due to the lost season. I'll be happily watching my ECHL Trenton Titans skate tonight.

Oh, and you ask who owns the Chiefs?

I don't know, but they're also in the ECHL and Trenton will be playing in Johnstown on Sunday.

"hockey is little more than a punch line, an obsolete joke years in the making."


I never really liked the game, in fact the only sport I've ever cared about is Baseball. Truth be told, I blame baseball for destroying pro-sports in general. It stopped be a great game a long time ago, when 40 million dollar contracts became the norm. Money breeds greed, and greed killed the NHL - as it will eventually do with the rest of the "big leagues".

Sports should be about fun, competition, rivalry, and braging rights - not limitless salaries, arbitration, lock-outs and strikes.

"You're a goalie, you're supposed to be like that."

I'm pissed because hockey is the only Big Sport I liked (yeah, to hell with you hockey haters above--don't like it? Change the frickin' channel) and the stupidity of the players and owners has had it in a death spiral for years now.
And, dammit, college hockey is NOT THE SAME.

I feel your pain, but apparently it might not be over... Check out this report here