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Valentine's Day Poetry Contest - Voting

Of course I'll have a Valentine themed post for you later - in fact, I'll probably spend most of the day doing commentary on the most superficial and annoying day of the year.

For now, I present to you the finalists in the Third Annual ASV Valentine's Day Roses are Red Poetry Contest. Read, pick, use the comments to vote.

Thanks to everyone who helped me pick the finalists.

From Hubris

Linda Lovelace to Harry Reems:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
It's been thirty-three years
Since I swallowed your spew.


From Joe

Michael Jackson to Corey Feldman:

Roses are Red
Its so nice to see ya'
That pic on the right?
That's gonnorhea.


From Matt:

Mickey Kaus to Andy Sullivan:

Roses are red
Your blog is blue.
200 Gs in two years?
I'd quit, too.


From Adrienne:

Napoleon Dynamite to Uncle Rico:

Roses are red,
Your mustache is gay,
If I see you again,
I'll throw a nunchuck your way.


From JP:

Mary to Joseph:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm having a kid
And the Dad isn't you.

From Spd Rdr:

Sitting Bull to Ward Churchill

Roses are red,
But you are a fraud,
Who's ever heard
of Souix named "Ward?"


And, in the doesn't rhyme but made me giggle, dept:

From Dave

Howard Dean to the DNC:

Roses are red.
And roses are yellow!
And they're pink!
And they're white!
And roses are purple!
And lavender!
And they're peach colored!


To vote, just leave a note in the comments. Vote for ONE only.


I've gotta go with Dave's poem.

Adrienne's. Anybody who can get 'nunchuck' into a V-Day poem gets my vote.

C'mon, let's not forget you've got to have the 'love' element. I vote for JP.

Oooooh, tough choices!

I'd have to pick JP, with Dave getting Honorable Mention.

Gotta go with Dave's, though Spd Rdr's deserves special mention as well.

I WANT to vote for Adrienne, because... NAPOLEON DYNAMITE! But...



(Brand loyalty, don't ya know.)


I'll send my vote Joe's way for the duplicity in his expression of VD.

Thanks for the vote(s) of confidence, guys, but I'm going to be professional and throw my vote in for Dave's...it made me laugh out loud the first time I read it.

I'm gonna vote for Adrienne's! Gosh!

A vote for Joe.

I vote JP.

Hubris. Michele, can you make him not quit blogging?

Another vote for Dave.

I gotta go for Dave. Way to buck conformity.

I have to go with Dave's. It made me giggle.

Put me down for Dave!

Roses are red
Violets are green
I can't stand anymore of
Howard Dean's scream.


For Theme...
For Scan...
For simplicity and surprise...

It's JP, hands down imo.

I'm here for the first time from nicedoggie...and I gotta vote for Dave!! Laughed out loud.

Thanks for the votes and kind words, folks. Hope you all had a great V-Day.


Dave ... for bucking convention, mostly, but he really did make me laugh.