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in which i don't blog the grammys

I had every intention of live blogging the Grammys until I remembered that they are both predictable and irrelevant, so I'll just offer you some Mindless Self Indulgence lyrics, which would pretty much cover anything sarcastic/witty/ironic I felt like writing, anyhow.

In the twilight of my life
I don't need no grammys
Rock my gay acceptance speech
Most of all I'd like to..

Thank god
For programming my beats
I'd like to thank god
for making me hard like I'm from the streets
God wrote all my dopest rhymes
Especially the ones about shooting niggaz and
getting fucking high


And then someone will say how amazing Bono is and someone will dedicate their Grammy to Ray Charles, someone will say that Green Day is the voice of their generation and then they will give a rock/alternative/metal grammy to someone who fits none of those categories.

The end.



I just had to say that. Reflex.

Ok, that was kind of cool in a flashback-to-the-time-I-wore-a-cowboy-hat-and-Charlie Daniels-t shirt kind of way.

And why have I never seen Keith Urban before now? I don't care what kind of music he plays, I just want to lick his underwear or something to that effect.

I swear, I'm not liveblogging the Grammys. I'm going back to my good old dent in the couch now. Skillzy's got you covered, anyhow.


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I'm right there with you, Michelle.

Norah Jones' duet with Ray Charles has won in its category, and I LOVE that. Howevever, I can't stand to watch the Grammy awards show anymore.

The Grammies no longer award musicians. Rather, they reward producers and focus groups for creating artists and acts that sell records/CDs/Ipod files.

I miss singers singing songs. Will that trend ever return?

I don't think I've ever watched the Grammies. It's funny that you mentioned Freebird and have the Zeppelin post below. My local "classic rock" radio station just had their top 923 (92.3--get it?) songs of all time this past week which ended just a few minutes ago. "Freebird" was #3, followed by Pink Floyd's "Time" for #2, and, you guessed it, the #1 rock song: LZ's "Stairway to Heaven." Almost as predictable as the Grammys, eh?

Isn't Keith Urban just Jon Bon Jovi after taking that whole "I'm a cowboy" thing just a bit too seriously?

I know it's not saying all that much, but...best Grammys ever. As for Keith Urban...you can go ahead and do what you want with the boy's underwear but damnnnn, he can play some lead guitar.


oh, the memories of hearing that, the ethanol based howling of young drunken Marines...

FREEBIRD? Hell yes, I heard it just this morning on the radio and when the organ (studio version) started I got chills all over.

I've never really been able to stand to watch the Grammys - it just makes me angry. But as I was flipping channels last night I hit at just the point where Green Day was accepting whatever award it was they won. Even though rock & roll has been almost completely marginalized within the music industry, the major success of American Idiot does show that it's not completely dead as a commercial enterprise.

And where there's life, there's at least SOME hope for the future...