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Reminders: Poetry, BJs and Meat

Taking the day off today. Blogging will commence this evening when I Voting for the VValentine Poetry Contest will not commence until later this evening, so you have until about 6pm to get your entries in.

For those of you who have little regard for Valentine's Day, especially for the guys who feel like they make so much effort on V-Day and get nothing but a two dollar card in return, just a friendly reminder that the two best holidays ever are is coming up: Steak and BJ Day on March 14, followed directly by Eat An Animal For PETA Day on March 15.

There's a way to make a joke out of the juxtapostion of those two days and eating meat, but I'll leave that to someone else.


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You know, I'm a vegetarian, but that Eat An Animal For PETA Day is pretty damn funny.

Hey. I updated the post, because damn, people are stupid enough to copy and paste the two-year-old letter and make fools of themselves to PETA.

And the new post has a nifty-looking animated cow gift, recycled from one I used to rag on, damn, I forgot his name. The guy who wrote that stupid post about the pussification of America. Oh, yeah. That Kim guy. Gee, it's been a while since I read his blog. I think it will stay a while.

Frickin' PETA. Almost makes me want to try Lobster Sashimi for Eeat An Animal For PETA Day. (Please note I said "almost". Bleck!)