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lesson of the day

Result of tonight's party of 20 teenagers in my house:

I have realized I am officially old.


Hehe. Poor you. Could be worse...your oldest could be graduating college this year. (You're about my Mom's age.)

Clarification Request

Are you old because:
  • They wore you out.
  • You hate their music.
  • You have no idea what they are talking about.
  • They have no idea what you are talking about.

You're still young. My baby's 21. And don't be afraid to say no to them when necessary.

Live and learn I say!

Or get left behind : )

all i know is that im 23, but i pretty much feel like the oldest 23 year old of all times.

Hon, if you can answer "Horace Clark" when asked the name of the most endearingly idiotic character in Yankee history, THAT might put you in the qualfying round of the Elder Olympics. But anyone who pulls "Why Eagles Dare"--and remembers that line--can never get old.

You're fine wine. So quit whining.

This was totally a "they wear me out" thing.

They were borrowing MY CDs. They were asking ME for advice. They wanted ME to play DDR with them (I declined, so as not to embarass my daughter).

I just wanted to fall into a deep sleep by 10pm.

you didn't lace the punch with valium?

You are still young.

You know how I know this?

Because she's still having parties when you're home.

I used to speak at local receptions for prospective students for my alma mater college. One day, i stood at the podium, looked out at the crowd of 200 or so parents and high school juniors, and tossed my notes aside. I told the crowd it was one of the worst days in my life, because I officially associated myself more with the parents than the students--so instead of speaking o the kids as a former student, I adjusted my speech to the parents.

Very sad evening.

You know you are old when the songs you like are on the "oldies" station, or the last time you were at a concert you were upset at the noise.

Another good test to be around somewhere when a bunch of kids get out of basic training (for whatever branch of the military). If they look to young to be defending the country, you are old.



And that's all I've got to say about that.

Michele -

OLD? You??? HAH!

My father, who turned 70 this year, said he started to feel old when he realized that he had a 40-year old son (me). But he said that 8 years ago...

So you've got, what, 20 years to go?


Who will start to feel old when one of his daughters makes him a grandfather in 20 years.

Bah! Fie!

I told my daughter that when she hits eighteen, I'm divorcing her mother and I'm gonna start dating her friends.

Old, shmold. My daughter is 2 months ols, and when she hits 15, I'll be 58. Hell, I'll be too old to lust after her friends. Well, maybe...

Well, you are old enough to remember the last time the Red Sox won a World Series...

Old is when your daughter brings her boyfriend home from college - with their laundry.