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Creepy Valentines 5
And Some Songs

Two Valentines again tonight, and two songs. With sort of a theme going on.

The first Valentine is from the sparkling Be My Anti Valentine selection.

[click for bigger]

And tonight's creeptastic Valentine:

[click for bigger]

Couple that with tonight' songs:

Shellac - Prayer to God (download)

Hot Hot Heat - Oh, God Dammit (download)

And you've got yourself a theme. The Shellac song is a bit startling if you never heard it before. The Hot Hot Heat song - well, it just rocks. They are my newest obessesion.

Anyhow, creepy Valentine commentary, as always, is welcome. I'm curious as to what you think of that woman's ass.

[downloads have expired]


Ok, that Anti-Valentine just plain rules.

Well, that's what you get for becoming emotionally attached to some 30-inch- tall gigolo. Didn't you read the May 1913 edition of Redbook? Dumbass.

But when freakishly small suitors hand you gigantic lemons, you can... oh, forget it.

See, and I thought she was about to smash his tiny little head into a tiny little lemony-pulp. Guess I'm a little more Anti-Valentine than I thought tonight.

Hey, if you like Hot Hot Heat, check out the band Q & Not U. You might like 'em.

You have awesome taste in music, by the way.

kill the fucker, kill im...

I found a funny valentine in dieselsweeties:


Some great Valetine's stuff here.


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Don't drown the wabbit!