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I have a couple of questions for you. Burning, important questions that I just need to know the answers to.

Have any of you ever really spit soda/beer/coffee all over your keyboard? Did you ever hold anyone to it when you said they owe you a new keyboard? Do you often sit around with liquid in your mouth while you are reading?

Have you every really rolled on the floor laughing? How does that work? Do you just accidently fall to the floor because you're laughing so hard and then you roll around in an attempt to gain your composure and get up, or do you - when you find something you read online hysterically funny - get up, throw yourself down on the floor, roll around laughing and then get back to the computer and write ROTFL?

I know none of you has ever done a LMAO literally, so I won't even ask. And if you have, I don't want to know about it.

I'd like to suggest a new acronym: TWPFAILBNODI. (That was pretty funny and I'm laughing, but no overdoing it.) Or maybe that's what hehe is for, though I just assumed that people write hehe when you're not funny at all, but they don't want to really insult you because, after all, you're about two minutes away from showing them your tits.


(Be back later. I'm going out for Chinese food tonight to celebreate the year of the cock. Rooster.)

Update: Ok, IAFI (I'm a fucking idiot). I deleted this post by mistake, so I had to put it back and the comments are gone. I did my best to replicate them, though.


Here's the three comments I deleted because I am teh stoopid:

While I have never actually sprayed my keyboard/monitor with anything through laughter (though it's happened once or twice through extremely unfortunate sneeze timing), a few times I have snorted a portion of whatever I was drinking at the time of the HUMOR BOMB up my nose. It would have wound up on my keyboard/monitor if I had less self-control, does that count?

As for rolling on the floor laughing, not since I was a kid. Though I have scared the cat.

Posted by LabRat on February 10, 2005 05:10 PM

Soda/beer/coffee on keyboard, no. Fritos on monitor, yes.

And I've nearly caused a co-worker death by laugh-choking a number of times, BTNHNT.

(but that's neither here nor there)

Posted by Keiran Halcyon on February 10, 2005 05:11 PM

Well,I have knocked a glass of wine over on the keyboard,so now I just use Tommy Tippy cups to drink while I surf,And I have
(bent over and held my knees)
a few times,but no.I have avoided falling to the floor.So far.

Posted by mbruce on February 10, 2005 05:13 PM

Yeah, spilled a bottle of Coke on my keyboard once. Didn't ruin it, just had to take the keyboard apart and toss the top half in hot water for 15 minutes or so. Afterwards, it worked perfectly. Never did get the stain out of the carpet though :/

Coffee and tea and Coke into the keyboards, over the years.

ROTFL is performed by laughing so hard that you have to go to the head, standing to go there, and then -- while continuing to laugh -- performing a slow-motion fall to your knees and then curling up, still laughing. I try very hard not to do this.

Hmm. I use "heh" and "hehe" all the time when I'm chatting online, typically when I think something is amusing but I didn't actually laugh out loud. Sadly, whenever I use it, I'm never close to being showed anyone's tits.

If I actually laugh, I'll usually use "lol". Once upon a time, years ago, I would sometimes use LMAO or ROFL, I think, but I never do any more. It seems silly. Usually I just say something like "That's fucking hilarious" and I might even italicize a word if I'm in the mood.

And no, I've never spit anything on my keyboard and I've never said I have.

While you're at it, "IMHO" is usually anything but humble. "IIRC" means "I'm right, dammit!!!!". I mean, they're all wrong. It's just a way of communicating, that's all. Deprived of visual communication, we exagerate the verbal.


$20 bucks if you can figure that one out.

i personally have never done those things, but i had a friend once who i saw literally roll on the floor laughing. i remember that day, because i was 24, and the thing that made him laugh is that we were at a CD store, and the clerk actually carded me (i was buying an NWA CD... explicit lyrics and all). yes, 24, and carded to buy a CD. i can't say that i blame him for rolling on the floor.

me? my eyes water, and my abs will hurt... but i've never rolled on the floor laughing. or spit coke on my keyboard (luckily, i never use that stupid phrase, either).

I'm going to have a son born in the year of the cock, it seems. I'm not quite sure what that means...

Yes. In fact, I am rolling on the floor even as I type this note. And you can't prove otherwise, Tina, you fat lard. So nyah!

Not while laughing, but I did sit a LARGE mouthful of hot chocolate out on my keyboard and monitor, propelled forcefully by a very powerful cough, because the first few drops in my mouth went down the wrong pipe and I started choking.

To top that off, this occurred at a new job I'd been working for 3 weeks, and the guy training me in was sitting right next to me listening to me answer tech support phone calls.

I'm still here. 4 years later. Different cube, different keyboard, same monitor.

err...spit, not sit

When it comes to internet humor and the like, I usually respond with a simple 'heh'.

Meaning, "it was funny, but not hysterical, but I'll respond so you know I was somewhat paying attention."

I'll laugh audibly on occasion, which merits an "lol". Other than that my acronyms are pretty much limited to "brb" and "stfu". I did fall out of my chair once, but it had nothing to do with humor prior to the event, and I only laughed after getting my poop in a group. I guess that would be FOOMCAACL (fell out of my chair and am currently laughing).

2 minutes seems like an awful long time to have to wait for teh b00bi3z. NEXT!


I have never gotten any drinks on my computer, I'm paranoid and make sure they're in a safe place when I'm not actually drinking them. And I don't recall ever spraying my drink anywhere due to laughing.

As far as acronyms, I'm able to avoid them through heavy usage of Yahoo's outstanding emoticons. Which means if I ever get on AIM, I feel unable to communicate as effectively and get pissed off. However, one day I do intend to ambush you on AIM. The random symbols that I type will be a dead giveaway, as I try to make emoticons that don't exist in AIM. LOLOLOL!

I'm the IT guy for a company whose salespeople surf a lot... mostly unapproved sites, if you know what I mean. They've ruined a number of keyboards over the yearws, mainly due to spilling drinks directly on to them, but it has happened that keyboards (and monitors too) have been ruined when someone opened an e-mail or went to a link when, as they were expecting a picture of Anna K. nekkid, they actually got, oh, I don't know... Ernest Bourgnine in a g-string or something and the mouth-contained beverage was propelled forth more by surprise (and disgust) than laughing.

Oh yeah, you laugh your ass off,

your legs, what's keepin them on now, huh?

s'right baby.

Carded at 24. That will probably happen to my daughter, who at age 17.5 was given the kids' menu at the Dixie Cafe.

We have to use acronyms at work to explain errors that we write. We cross through them once, then date and initial and write a code: de for data error, te for transcription error, wl for wrong location, etc. If that sounds like a ROYAL PAIN IN THE BUTT that's because it is. I think there's one code that we should be allowed to use because it's usually really expressive of whatever happened: bf = brain-fart. But they won't let us.

I was laying on the couch one night watching TV and caught John Podette's act (You go now! You been here four fucking hours!). I laughed so hard I slid off the couch and hit the floor, but I swear I didn't roll. My ass stayed on as well...though that would be a great diet.

I don't use internet acronyms, and don't use emoticons, both because I think they're trite and lazy. And for which statement I expect to receive flak.

I did once cause a friend to laugh so hard he barfed. Now THAT was awesome.

I only wish I remembered what I had said to start him laughing so hard. Not that it would strike me as the remotest bit funny now.

GGTACATSAADWL. $20 bucks if you can figure that one out.

Got as far as Gonna Go Take A Crap, then I gave up.

I've rolled on the floor laughing while being tickled. Does that count?

"I don't use internet acronyms, and don't use emoticons, both because I think they're trite and lazy."

I agree! That's why I DO use them. Maybe j00 should lighten up, d00d! LOLOLOLOL!

LOLOL Steve got PWNED!11!!

I hate when people "LOL" in their own fucking posts.

Let me give you an example...

"Today, my daughter farted LOL My hubby said 'I wonder where she got it from?' LOL He's so funny, that's why I married him ROFL"

I just wanna be all "listen, if I think it's funny, I'll laugh, putting that fucking LOL in there isn't going to make it any funnier!"

But I don't, instead, I just give them a big ol' ((*(*(*HUG*)*)*)*)

Oh Michele, where do I start? You DON'T want to know what I've sprayed my keyboard with!

That said, just show me your tits and give me money!


Bwahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


yes i have
/easily amused
/that why I come here

Maybe LMSO is more appropriate than LMAO: Laughing My S**t Out

Hi -

I'm on my 7th keyboard in 11 years. Generally they get a mug of hot sugared tea on them when I am being clumsier than usual. They generally are cheapo keyboards and not worth trying to fix/take apart to fix.

OTOH, the current keyboard is three years old, an old IBM that is indestructible and a real joy to type on. Guess that's why I've been more careful lately...

Only once have I ever spit on my screen at something funny I've read online. Just caught me by surprise while drinking some pop.

While I laugh out loud quite often, I can't bring myself to type the acronym, but also hate the "hehe". I usually type "ha!" and that gets the message across nicely to whoever cares.

hmm. i haven't wrecked any keyboards, and i use the more specific "tehe that was so funny i made pasketti come out my nose". Its a good all-occasion thing and you don't even have to be eating spaghetti.

i have hit the ground laughing a few times, althought not at anything on the compter. (FOtFL?- fell on the floor laughing?) I laughed hard enough more than once that i had an asthma attack. How terrible that is.

Why do people insist on demystifying the holy Internet acronyms? Don't they realize it will breed all manner of bad things -- like originality, and clarity of expression?

(Pay no attention to the fact that I do use acronyms and smileys, and have found myself occasionally forced to say "I actually literally did laugh out loud" because the acronyms are so overused.)

(And now that it's been spelled out, hereafter when I need to convey the exact same thought, it will be presented as "PNATTFTIDUAASAHFMOFTSIALDLOLBTAASU.")

i'm surprised more people don't use PMPL (peed my pants laughing)

When I don't feel so humble in my opinion, I choose 'IMO' instead. Or in snarky cases, 'IMSNHO'.

Okay, regarding internet acronyms: a friend once mentioned Imhotep (you know, the Egyptian guy, apparently came up with the pointy pyramid rather than the previously used step pyramid) in a chat room.

Then somebody asked her what the OTEP part stood for.

I haven't ever spit or splashed my computer keyboard. I have, however, chortled and/or guffawed out loud while reading something. I don't use acronyms very often, though I have used "HA!" on occasion. My daughter has literally "ROTFL", but then she was rolling on the floor to begin with and when she realized that what she was doing scared the dog, she started to laugh!