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living on the dark side ain't easy

Jason Giambi repeatedly apologized to fans, the New York Yankees and his teammates on Thursday but refused to say why or discuss whether he used steroids.


"I'm sorry I can't be more candid with you guys about everything because of the ongoing legal matters," he said.

Kiss my ass, Giambi. Seriously. Kiss it. Pathetic, indeed.

This is going to be a great year. I'm not a fan of Randy Johnson, I don't really care for A-Rod and I think Giambi should be tossed out on his steroid-filled butt. It's hard to hate the team you love, you know.


I'm sorry, but thinking that none of them do it is glomming off that river in Egypt. None of them have been worth our admiration, not for years and years and years.

I'm hoping Lupica just rips him apart tomorrow. I'm betting the Post beats him like a gong.

It's not too late to jump on the Red Sox bandwagon, kids. We'll understand.

Come on aboard, I promise you you won't hurt the horse
We treat him well, we feed him well.
There's lots of room for you on the bandwagon,
The road may be rough, the weather may forget us
But won't we all parade around and sing our songs,
a magic kingdom, open-armed

Keep it up. yobbos. Just keep feeding the fire.

I'd kill myself (or buy tickets to a Mets game) before I'd ever cross over and join your fecal Fenway fold!

This is one of the differences between the tribes: You RSN ninnies put your guys on pedestals; you would never admit if one of them just needed killing, unless they've flat out quit on the team (see: Nomar "Ooh, my ankle hurts!" Garciaparra. We woulda ran that punk out of town, pronto, if he'd pulled that crap here).

Another is the idea of inviting someone from the other side to join your crew: We would include a caveat in any invitation: "You wear your Red Sox gear and sit with the Bleacher Creatures for a three game set against Toronto. If you come out alive, we'll let you switch tee shirts and hats--no jacket!--and you'll still be banned from Monument Park. Human sacrifice is the only way your soul will be considered cleansed enough to step on hallowed ground."

And you ninnies just don't have it in you.

Hallowed ground? More like profane ground.

someone's starting to sound like the Mets fan she really is!

I'm ducking and running now....

Johnson will be real fun for you Yankee fans. He's a grumpy bastard, and looking at his mug is enough to make you want to change the channel. The formerly classy A-Rod seems to be seeking a nickname change to A-Hole. Giambi should never be let back in the Stadium. Jaret Wright is poised to be this year's Vasquez (less talent, same mental difficulties). But you'll like Pavano.

We Red Sox fans are happy to be rid of the surly Nomar and the prima-donna Pedro. This should be the most likeable Sox team in years.

It will be a great season to be a fan of either team.

Lay off The Big Unit guys. You'll like him well enough the first time that he throws a two hit shut out.

It's so hard to be a Diamondbacks fan and watch both of our star pitchers parading on the national stage for other teams - especially the Red Sox and Yankees.

I've already assigned "Asshole" to Johnson, after his run-in with the reporter his first day in town. That mook's gonna need a handful of wins and a couple of no-hitters--beginning on Opening Day--before I even think about lifting it.

Giambi apologies? That's news to me. And the NYP, Daily News, and anyone else not named George Steinbrenner or affiliated with the Yankees.

That was a pathetic display of parsing the language that would make Bill Clinton proud.

re: Johnson, Arod and other high priced free-agents.

They're paid to do a job. Do it. I don't care if the Big Unit is ornery - lots of ballplayers were ornery and some even made the HOF. Johnson is old and that's what worries me. Ditto for all the other old guys on the team. That's why I didn't like the deals to get Johnson, Sheffield, or Brown (to name but three). There were cheaper and younger alternatives.

As for the Red Sox being likeable, they'll like looking at the Yanks backside again once the season ends. I refer you to this.

Lupica, Giambi... boy, it's hard to pick which is the bigger jerk.

You'll like Randy just fine. He goes out and does his job and doesn't say much. He hates reporters, but anybody who's had to deal with them will understand why.

Brainster? Lupica is a nerd, geek, maroon. But compared to some of the losers playing in his ballpark, he's goddamn Howard Cosell.
(try and do the math on THAT!)

Oh, he's smart alright (if that's where you're going with the comparison to Cosell). But he's got the snarky attitude in spades. This generation's Dick Young (and that is NOT a compliment).