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to whom it may concern

I wrote here about reconciliation and atonement. True to my word, I did try to both atone and reconcile with someone who I once was close to. It wasn't an easy thing to do, as I had to admit some failings on my part, apologize for certain behavior and actively seek out forgiveness for those things.

A response of "no, thank you" would have been better than the silence I got. The total lack of acknowledgement to the words that I know damn well were received makes me think that perhaps my sincere apology was wasted on someone who didn't really deserve my groveling.

Your loss.


As a man of the cloth, I can tell you that the ability to forgive was given to us by God for our own benefit, not for the benefit of others. You've forgiven yourself, and that's really all that matters. As for the other person? Well, that's why God gave us flame-throwers.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, we, the consolidated readers of your blog, do hereby forgive and exonerate you. Be it known that you are henceforth blameless and clean as a batch of newly-laundered towels.

Oh, and whoever didn't accept your apology is a dickweed.


And it's still your gain. You can now walk around with a clear conscience. Your side of the street is clean.

Shank...wheres your church dude, 'cuz I'd go to a service with flame-throwers.

If you're waiting for acknowledgement, perhaps you can approach forgiveness a different way.

I know you've said you're an athiest, but a large part about believing in Jesus is that He forgives you. If you've repented (turned away) from the sin and are truly sorry, Jesus forgives you. In turn, you are called to forgive others.

If somebody crosses me, I forgive them and put it behind me, never to be mentioned again. If I cross somebody, I apologize. Profusely, if I must. If they don't forgive me, that's not my concern; Jesus forgives me.

We are mean to some people for a reason. They deserve it.

Maybe the spam filter ate it? I mean, assuming you made your attempt via email, that is.

Other than that, what they said. The act of reconciliation and atonement is at least as much for you as it is for the other person -- if they fail to respond, the ball is firmly in their court, and you've done what you can to make things right. Which was a good thing to do, regardless of how it was received.


If it was me, it would probably take me some time to figure out how to respond. You probably took some time to carefully choose how and what to say. Something coming out of the blue that could cause a big change in how that person perceives you could throw him for a loop. Give it some time--and as others have said, you did a difficult but good thing anyway.

Eh, this was my third attempt in two months.

The inportant part isn't whether they forgave you, but that you atoned for your errors.

You have done your part to clean the slate. If they cannot reciprocate, then THAT is a failure on their part, not yours.

I've been there, and all i can say is that i had done all I could to mend the wound. If they chose to keep picking at the scab, then that's on them.

Go forth and sin no more.

Your "apology" wasn't straight forward enough. If someone wrote me an apology that was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo I probably would give up after the second paragraph.

Enlighten me, Ned, as to where you were able to see the apologies I've written.

"my third attempt in two months."

Allow me a Gilda Radner. Never mind.

At least now you know. Gam zeh ya'avor.

You know, I hear you on this. Almost everytime I want to reconcile with people I get absolutely totally unequivocally ignored. No response, not even a shane shane "don't talk to me again." It just proves you were the better man than these fucktards you try to mend the fence with. Let the dickless asswipes rot.

The total lack of acknowledgement to the words that I know damn well were received makes me think that perhaps my sincere apology was wasted on someone who didn't really deserve my groveling.

Michele, Jesus is just like that. Don't take it personally.

you know damn well beotch that you had to offer me more than a night with you and Lionel Ritchie on the stereo before I would whip yr yankee ass into forgiveness

Fine, you damn gay hobag. I'll go buy some Babs just to keep you happy.