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They've Come to Snuff the Rooster

This is the official place for you to leave your juvenile, albeit funny, jokes about this being the Year of the Cock.


For me, 1987 was the Year of the Cock, but I was a young, lonely and confused runaway.

Well, I guess the gay pride parade is gonna be off the hook this year eh?

If it's any relation to mine, it's going to be a short year.

It's bound to end messily.

It's ALWAYS the Year of the Cock at Gay Pride. Hurray!

The next time you see a cock, give it a kiss and thank it for rousing so early in the morning.

By my calculations, I predict late November to be particularly sensitive to the touch.

Oh man, Keith is onto something. It'll be like Mother's Day, except that it'll be a whole year and it'll be all about cocks. We can wear t-shirts that say "Have you kissed your Cock today?" and bumper stickers reading "I <3 Cock". Well, I guess there are already things like that. But we could start one of those ribbon campaigns, people can post links to the support your cock .org site, or blogs for cocks or something. And for the whole year people have to be nice to cocks, and let the cocks now how much they are appreciated. Becuase, you know, cocks don't ever get any recognition for the kind of stuff they have to do. You know, they gotta hang around with an asshole and two nuts all day long. And then we put condoms over them and make them throwup all over themselves. It's not an easy life.

Hubris, my calculations show that things will get exciting through March, kind of peter out until June, get exciting again and then get sensative around November.

SaaM, I've got The Year of the Cock Living Dangerously on DVD if you want to borrow it.

Actually depending on where you live by late November it will turn into the Year of the Turtle.

I look forward to the leaves turning purple this autumn.

In South Carolina, many, many people believe every year is the "Year of the Cock", but it takes them until the end of October to realize that NEXT year will be the "Year of the Cock".

remind me NOT to eat chinnees this year.

I think we just found Viagra's next slogan.

Why did I even come in here?

Well gawd-damn. That's an ugly cock if I ever saw one.

Looks like some dude slapped that cock around one too many times.

I'm predicting hard times for many.

it's all fun-n-games, til ... somebody shoots an eye out.

Forget about the year of the cock; whatever happenned to the year of cock-eating?

I predict hard times for all!

There's an urban legend that in 1983, when Southern Cal played South Carolina (USC vs. USC) that South Carolina had posters all over the place that read:

"Your Trojans can't cover our 'Cocks!"

Simpsons story:

Lisa Simpson worries there will be no money for her University education. Homer tries to reassure her:

H: "Honey, you will attend the finest University... in South Carolina."


If it is anything like my college buddies when it came to me getting laid, it will be the year of the Cock Block. Those bastards.


Everyone knows You can't kill the rooster

also http://www.youcantkilltherooster.com/home.html

Suddenly the Chick-fil-A cows are every man's ally.