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Game On!


It's never too early to get the party started. Leather Penguin has started the ball rolling and I'm joining the camp. While I may not be as ummmm...voracious as Mr. Penguin, I'm certainly ready to get the smack talk started.

Pitchers and catchers, the two sweetest words in the world. It may be 28 degrees outside right now with snow in the forecast, but when I look at this page, my brain thinks spring and I have the urge to open all the windows, plant some azaleas and break out the scorecard book.

One week. ONE WEEK. Hockey who?

[If you'd like to join the coalition, drop a note in the comments and the Penguin will add you to the roster. You can grab the image for your own website, but save it to your own server, thanks]


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Michele - My brother has a friend that is getting t-shirts made up. They will say:

The Empire Strikes Back

I think he's going to sell them for like $10 each. Let me know if you want one.

You know I'm in. I still have the graphic from last year. I'll put it up later.

Ah, the coalition of the slappy. I'm saving my stuff for April, I'm not as anxious as you guys since I didn't have to "wait till next year".

You probably want to rework that graphic, it was getting tired when you stole it from me. May I suggest a picture to work from? Or maybe replacing Darth with Randy "Jar-Jar" Johnson?

It was getting tired when you stole it from me.

I was using Darth as a symbol for the Yankees before you even began blogging, you...you.....Red Sox fan!

You are SOOO lucky you're not a 13-year old kid, cause if you were, I'd be all up in your ISP right about now, demanding that my intellectual property be protected!

I'M the one who slapped that thing together with my pirated copy of Photoshop, and I'm the one who should be reaping the rewards for my minutes of labor. You'd better not get an Instylanche, Missy!

Mwahahaha, now I have it in WRITING that you made the graphic first, so when George "Fuckwad" Lucas's army of lawyers come calling, I can send them your way. Thanks!

Actually, I'm more scared of Yankee Baby's Mom finding me. She'd be more likely to actually whoop my ass than a bunch of Hollywood lawyers.

I stole it from him... don't blame me.


sorry about all those pings... I was fixing some entries and it wouldn't shut off.

If they only knew the power of the Dark Side...


Nyah, Nyah! Nyah!
I'm calling Adobe! Lucas's lawyers got nuthin' on them guys.

I'm in.

Pitchers and catchers.. after a long winter are there three more beautiful words than that?

Hey, when do the Big Unit jokes start? :-)

Where does one go to sign up for the Rebellion of the Jedi Masters against the Dark Side? :-)

Clark, you want to go to Tainted Bill at www.taintedbill.com. He's leader of the Rebel Alliance of Yankee haters.

It's exciting that pitchers and catchers are soon to report. Baseball! We've had a few great seasons. Let's hope for a few more.

But I am getting sick of Boston winning every sport every year :)

Now the the Sawx's honeymoon is over, it's funny to watch one Evil Empire lambaste the other. Here's hoping for a Houston-Minnesota World Series!

Is there anything like this for the opponents of the "dark side"? Say...the bloody sock club?

See Tainted Bill for all your anti-Yankee needs.