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Super Bowl Wrap Up, Sort Of.

[I warned you that the last post would be deleted. And, it was]

The one single thing I took away from this year's big game:

Step back to Hackensack!

I am going to try to work that into daily conversations.

Also, Paul did not whip it out during Hey Jude. Which is just as well, I suppose.

For the curious: The ad where the Hackensack line came from.


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Aww ... I liked the last post!

Was I the only one that was offended by the use of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" during a clip montage at the beginning of the second half??

Oh, and I couldn't watch Sir Paul. I was so scared he would whip it out. sheesh! thanks for that!

Too bad you can't delete that post from my RSS reader.

Eh, that's ok. I didn't do anything embarassing - it was just boring.

You're off your meds, right?

man, about the only post i ascribed to, too.
eh well, i'll live.

Only saw about 10 minutes of the game, none of the halftime show, but I did catch that commercial about Hackensack. Hilarious.

Yo man I feedstered ya.


Congrats on being the first to blog about it.

We already have a shrine to you here--


I'd love to know your name so I can credit you by name.

Let's see if we have our traditions covered...

1) Mock the game: Well, depending on which team you were rooting for, the game was at least interesting until the last 6 seconds.

2) The commercials: Feh. Most were uninspiring and a few were stupid.
Except the A-B "Thank You" spot.

3) Mock the halftime show: "Hey, Jude" and the red star aside, at least they didn't have thousands of "dancers" and cheesy choreography.

4) Mock the singer(s) of the National Anthem: Can't do it. It was the best rendition in years, maybe ever.

Rob, step back to hackensack--the halftime show was great! No tits and way better songs!

Besides the GoDaddy girl still had tits.

Get back-strokin' to Hoboken,
the Tabasco girl was mo' smokin'!

A few years back, the cartoon Pinky and the Brain had an episode where they visited the "Socko Kicky-Sack Sack-Kicker Factor of Hackensack, NJ".

I rather suspect that the writers were upset with the voice talent ...