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Stormin' Norman's Top Rock Songs

Remember when I asked for help in making my list of top ten rock songs of all time for the list Norm was compiling?

Well, Norm (who is profiled in today's Sunday Times) has tallied up the resultsand the ensuing compilation can be found here: the normblog not quite top hundred greatest songs of rock 'n' roll.

None of my songs cracked the top ten, which isn't surprising, given that I based my list on a dream I had about Will Collier and Rob Byrnes.

However, it is an interesting list and could spark some decent discussion among those of us who aren't spending the day watching the ten hour pre-game show.


At least I've actually heard most of those songs. ;)

I just cannot express how much I hate Hey Jude.

I had one song in the top 100. How Soon is Now at #31.

It seems there were too many contributors in my age bracket.

Hey, don't feel bad, none of my songs even made the freaking list!

Never base a music list on a dream in which I appear. In dreams, as in real life, I is a idiot about music.