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random super bowl thought

Obviously, they went with SIR Paul McCartney as the half time entertainment during the Super Bowl because he's a safe bet. You're not going to get wardrobe malfunctions from a Knight, you know.

I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if Paul just lost his shit during halftime and whipped his dick out?

Not that I want to see McCartney's thang, but the resulting pandamonium would be just sublime.


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(now flashing back to a prior thread)

"First, I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of. You people in the front will have to move back, though."

Considering Sir Paul's advanced age, I think it would just be kind of sad.

You know if Paul does it it'll become The Next Big Thing. Pants for men with a special "peek-a-boo" flap will be flying off the racks. Tommy Lee and David Duchovny's popularity will soar once more.

Because, you know...it's PAUL's dick! Not Michael Jackson's sister's boob.

It's all about image. A Beatle penis or a pedophile's sister's breast...you make the call. ;-)

As much as I don't need to see McCartney's dick, I'd be willing to suffer through for the chance to see that particular shit hit the fan.

Although by the time all was said and done, The 700 Club would probably be the only thing still allowed on television.

When he was asked about the possibilty of a wardrobe malfunction, he said there wouldn't be one, because they'd be playing naked.

the cheerleaders still shake their asses and jiggle, don't they?

just checking.

You only think you're making a joke, Michele!

I just have visions of all the announcers naked behind the desks (or standing behind something if they're near the field) - you know, Monty Python style. Depending on the announcers - that might get female viewership numbers up.

Michele, it's a well known fact that by accepting the knighthood you turn your manhood over to the Queen. Who keeps it in ajar.

There's a joke here about the Knights Who Say 'Nee', but it's just not coming to me right now...

hey butthead ... heh heh, heh she said dick ... heh heh

What if instead of his loins, the knighted one whipped out a nice slice of Spotted Dick? A Syrupee British pudding-treat for all.

Not the type of half time entertainment that's I'm looking forward to seeing...

I'm thinking more along the lines of...what's going to be so spectacular about Sir Paul? The pre and half-time shows have been becoming consistantly lame over the years. I want to see Paul introducing "THE NEXT BIG THING IN MUSIC."

And it better not suck.

Because I can think of nothing more boring than watching Philly kick the crap out of the Pats.



I always assumed he was a hermaphrodite.

"Hey Jude[fwap!], you got a few minutes...?"

"... and this next number is often called 'The Bird Has Flown' [zzip... flapflapflap]" but its real name is 'Norwegian Wood'. As you're about to see..."

It could be wores...they could have got this guy:
Numa dude

I'm guessing the most you'll see is Paul whipping out his "rick"... Slang for his usual choice of electric bass guitars--a Rickenbacker.

I wonder if he put the fans to sleep. Sir Paul is boring as hell in concert these days.

I am going to zip my lip and hold back all those "vegetarian sausage" jokes I'm dying to make and just move on to the next post.