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A Consumer PSA for my Long Island Readers

Meenan Oil in Wantagh sucks.

Their customer service staff is completely unprofessional and their service is not what one would call quality.

Beware these people. Previous rant about them here and here. They've officially lost our business, spectacular locked in rate be damned.


Never had a problem with Perillo Bros. You may want to consider them.

See if fellow lawnguyland native and Queens college alum Ron will stop by and warm things up. By all accounts, his customer service numbers are through the roof.

(luckily, not sitting at my house which will now be ground zero for some sort of nuclear device)

I have been very happy with Petro and I am over in eastern Suffolk.

So in other words, j urbik, "Vote Petro"?

"Meenan Oil in Wantagh sucks" sounds like something from an alien language in Star Wars. The good Star Wars.

Heh. Isn't that what Greedo said just before HAN SOLO SHOT FIRST!!!



When did they start using nasty oil for heat back east? When I was stationed at FT Monmouth in 1950 they were using coal.

I had Petro for awhile. Locked in rate. Automatic delivery. Service contract. They were really on the ball with both service and delivery. But they were coming out and topping off the tank like every other week and I ALWAYS had a d*** bill in the mail.

When I moved, I tried their rate cap deal on a "will call" basis. The gist was, there was a rate cap over which the price per gallon would NEVER exceed no matter how the cost of oil fluctuated. AND, if the price per gallon was lower than the cap rate that month, they'd reduce it to the going rate. Instead of automatic delivery, I could call when I needed a fill-up. (They always sent reminder cards, too. They have a great way of knowing when you're due.)

In the meantime, though, a friend told me he calls around for the best price on C.O.D. for his oil. (You can find a number of companies in the PennySaver - they apparently all get their oil from the same place). I did this one month and then called PETRO to find out why they were still charging me the cap price when everyone else was .25 to .30/gallon less. They gave me a big blah, blah, blah answer and... I switched.

Now, when I need oil, I do the PennySaver shuffle and call for the folks who can deliver on the best price. So far, they've always been lower than the rate cap I had. There are one or two who consistently lead the pack. I'm not 100% sure, but think you could sign up for a separate service contract with just about any one.

Ok, that's what I ended up doing - we're going with C.O.D. for now and I got a rate of 1.66 yesterday, which is good, all things considered.

Dang. That's .04/gallon less than it was on Tuesday when I bought it. Good deal, all things considered -(like these outrageous oil prices to begin with.)