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Creepy Valentines 2
And Four Songs of the Day!

[first card here - images from here]

Some sorta creepy love songs to go along with the valentine - four thirty second songs.

NOFX - See Her Pee
Avail - Not a Happy Man
Nerf Herder - Doin' Laundry
Gwar - Fishfuck


While you're enjoying the music, you can offer your commentary on tonight's card. Or the songs. I'm not picky when it comes to comments on a Friday night.


heh heh

It's Ron Jeremy in a cute little suit and hat. Yeah, pull his string.

Nothing says love like a dwarven David Coverdale with vascular attack pincers and potato feet ... in a clown suit ... with a troll cap ... and a crotch as wide as his head.

not picky about comments eh? Well in that case:

1. I'm hammered. So everything I say is protected by the insanity clause.

n/m gotta go biatches...

What woman wouldn't want to get a lovely Valentine's card for her pedophile boyfriend?

Prairie biker may be on to something, though. That kid has hands that look like catcher's mitts...

And now I've got Bela Lugosi yelling inside my head, "PULL zah ZTRINGG! PULL-ZAH-STRINGG!"

GWAR is coming to Lincoln NE (my home town) Feb 25. Thanks for the tune up.

Love said yes and I feel so gay.


Wasn't the character on that card a member of the cast of Freaks?...

Even Dr. Evil wouldn't claim that as "Mini-Me."

"i have the best idea for a new card! everyone loves valentine's day, right? and everyone loves tranquelized glassy-eyed androgynous 6-year-olds dressed like clowns, right? well...."