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linkage [updated obsessively]

A few links I've been meaning to get to, which I don't want to get lost in my disaster movie blogging craze, which is bound to last another day or two before I realize no one is quite as interested in the topic as I am.

Mark Smith's wife is looking for a job in the Jersey area. Check out his blog to see her very impressive resume and qualifications. Maybe you know someone who knows someone?

Joel waxes poetic on winter.

Jim (the new father) remembers when Hetfield was cool.

My crush on Juliette Lewis just came to a screeching halt.

Agent Orange. The good kind.

Museum of Weird Books

InstaRage? I prefer to call it "being a big fucking dick." FREE AUSTIN!

And I think that concludes the cleaning out of my "link this" folder for today. We will now resume our disaster blogging.

Update: Dean Wormer is dead.

And one more thing (I think): I like what Tim had to say about Sullivan's retirement. I once went on hiatus for a little bit (turned out to be about two weeks) and had someone email and ask for a refund on the five dollars they put in my PayPal account several months earlier. And I felt guilty enough to honor their wishes. I don't think anyone is asking Sully for any of the $200,000 in donations he got back. Nor do I think he'd give up his "earned" vacation to refund any of that money, mine included. Just saying.

Update: Val had a medical mishap today and appears to be....pregnant?

ASV should will no longer be referred to as a blog. It's an OND. See comments here for details.


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Thanks for the link. I've experienced a bit of a "Michele-lanch" after getting linked.

InstaRage? I prefer to call it "being a big fucking dick."

Yet another reason (in an ever expanding list) that 3/4 of the blogging population can go suckit.

I sincerely apologize for the "bastard" comment. It was out of line and unnecessary. I was hot under the collar and I should have waited until I had calmed down to post on the topic.

Matt and B4B should not be dragged through the muck for that comment, that was my comment, not his.

Really, the entire issue was my doing. Matt mentioned to me that his image got instalanched at another site. I had been in contact with Austin before over other things including the Tsunami videos. I overreacted. Again, I apologize.


The above comment has been copied and pasted onto a slew of blogs. Just saying.

Jordan, maybe you should have taught the kid a little something about hot linking, which is the real issue with Matt and not copyrighting. That would have solved the problem, instead of exacerbating it.

However, the real issue here, Jordan, is the one of someone being so pissy over missing out on an Instapundit link, so much as to call it "stealing" and Instalanche.

It's blogging, dude. Get over it. Step outside for a while. Clear your head. You've obviously been stricken with "I Was Linked by Drudge" fever.

Yeah, I noticed the cross-posted apology from Jordan on a number of sites already.

Not good enough, Jordan. I'm not being petty or anything, its just that most people probably never heard of your blog until this incident. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Sorry.

Actually, Jordan's blog became "famous" when he hosted some Tsunami videos.

Jordan didn't become famous with me for tsunami videos, so he's famous with me for being a prick. And that's all I'm going to say till I calm down.

I wonder if he made a bot to do all those - b/c within 2 minutes of my posting a screed about him, I had an apology (the form one) up as well.

Weak sauce man. Weak sauce.

Treacher could come up with an alternate name for this. Bastardgate? GIFTIFF?

Wow, Wormer outlived Bluto by about 25 years.

Fat Kid,

No I did not have a bot doing it, though that would have been handy. I got the people who were linking from HundredPercenter.

I did copy and paste the apology though, just wanted to get it as far out there as possible.

"Treacher could come up with an alternate name for this. Bastardgate? GIFTIFF?"

The only think that comes to mind is Pathetic.

"I want my $5 back!" What a jerk.

Think. Thing. Whatever.

Mr. Golson's been deleting comments from his site ... my comments ..

and they weren't obscene and didn't call him names or anything like that. Heck, my mom watched me while I typed them.

Except for the one about Jordan being in college and my hoping that when I was in college I'd spend more time getting laid than worrying about kids in high school and instalanches, but she saw the other ones I posted.

Mr. Golson deleted my comments.

What a dick.


and now for somethig completely different...

a crush on Juliette Lewis?

glad something brought you to your senses.

you know, i wouldn't blame you for having a crush on From Dusk 'til Dawn Juliette Lewis. she was cute. but that picture? holy shit, there's not a single thing right with it.

that outfit is to red carpet appearances as William Hung is to singing. technically, it's still and outfit, but it will never be recognized as one...

don't get the OND part
/feels really stupid

Actually, you have a Woman's Online Nerd Diary, or WOND, making you a WONDer. Sheila too.

Well, at least we have a cast member for the Dean in "Animal House 2"...


Ah yes. So ... do guys have MONDs? Is that how we should differentiate?

Would that make them Mondo?

Sounds better, somehow, than WOND. Magic WOND?

We're WONDers, Sheila! Get out those WONDerbras!

Ooh, very very nice. I will indeed.

I'll look totally mondo in my wonderbra.