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the diary, week three

Today marks three weeks since I quit smoking.

I've saved about $100.

I have been sleeping through the night without a single apnea episode.

But I will still tear you apart with my bare hands if you come near me while I'm in the midst of an intense craving.

I know those cravings will subside soon. I'm sure my family knows that as well and they're not plotting a coup or anything like that.

Anyhow, just wanted to thank you for all the encouragement and advice and let you know that I'm still a quitter.


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You go, Michele.

I've never had the weakness for nicotine, but I can imagine quitting is really hard.

I'm working on my bad habit, which is food, just over three months on Weight Watchers and 15 pounds down.

If you lay off the cigarettes, I'll lay off the carbs...

They're always plotting a coup. Never let down your guard. Only the paranoid survive. Why just look at the Georgian Prime Minister... death by gas. And beware the dioxin in the soup.

Woohoo! Because if I say anything else I'm afraid you'll snap my neck. I'm at three months...it does get better, but the cravings still hit at the weirdest times.

Three weeks!!! Way to go! I say take the $100 and spoil yourself!

Has it been three weeks already? Wow. Congratulations.

No doubt about gumption, you've got conjones, calzones, whatever.

And, the funny thing is that now you know those cravings will pass, whereas during Week One it seemed they would never end.

Congratulations, again, it can be one very nasty addiction to stop.

Word to your mother.

You be the fa'shizzle!

I've been a recovering smoker since May 2000. It does get easier over time, but sometimes I still get cravings. Usually when I get bored, or when I get in the car. Gum and Jolly Ranchers were my best friends for nearly a year. :-)

you the man norton.

Congratulations ! If it makes you feel any better, I quit (from 3 packs a day) in 1978 while I was stationed on Diego Garcia and I still find myself craving one every now and then.

You have my sympathies, I know just how you feel. I've been trying to get off Diet Coke for weeks now and its a bitch.

I'm trying to get off chocolate. It's astonishing how many calories there are in m&ms. Someone called them "crack for your mouth" and they were right.

Congrats on making it to three weeks, Michele. Be very proud of yourself, it's not easy to quit.

Now go and get your teeth cleaned, get that nicotine-containing tartar scraped off, rather than having it leeching into your system.

I kicked it in May 1999. I've noticed that lately, the smell of someone's clothes who is a smoker...bleck! Or if I've been in a smoking area and I end up with my hair and clothes smelling like that stale, ashtray scent. If you're like me, eventually the smell will kick the cravings for you. But, I am not a former smoker nag! I will just go home, take a shower and wash my clothes after I sit in the smoking section with my brother because he hasn't quit yet.

I quit 5 years ago. But several months ago, when the stress level in my day-to-day suddenly hit critical mass, I felt a cigarette relapse was imminent.

Luckily I was able to dodge the Viceroy bullet. Only problem is that now I'm hooked on Skoal Bandits.

Good Luck! And don't forget: Ho-Ho's will do in a pinch.

In the same 3-week period, I've lost 15 lbs . (I'll know if it's more on Saturday)

BTW, as you know, sleep apnea is nothing to play around with. Reducing THAT danger makes it all worth it. Also, my wife says I quit snoring after I quit smoking, so you've got that to look forward too, also.

I've never quit smoking, but 3 weeks sounds like an awfully good job. Keep up the good work.

watch somone take "I'm still a quitter." out of context, haha.

Way to go! BTW - when I decided to become a non-smoker (25 years ago,) I found it helped to make it a positive decision rather than denying myself of something.I.e. I didn't quit, I simply made a choice for something else.

FWIW, three weeks is key for changing any habit. To prove it, move the trash can from one side of your desk to the other. It'll be three weeks until you stop throwing paper on the floor.

Hey, I haven't said anything, but I'm proud of you.

That's great news.
Keep up the good work!

Oh my god, are your family still alive?

How did you do it, I am considering the leap to non smoker but as I have no self control what so ever, please tell me how.

Keep going, baby.

Good job. But sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. I gave up the damn things in 1989 and I still had a god damn heart attack. Now I can't eat anything.

By the way, hand-rolled imported cigars are a great way to relieve the oral fixation. And you don't inhale them.

Good for you Michele. Good for you. Tomorrow is just one more day.

Man oh man, I cut way back on my blogwatching when I went overseas and look what I miss! Congratulations Michele! Give yourself a hug and stick with it.