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Double Talk Duty

I'll be doing live Idol chatter, as always, over here.

I'll also be in the Command Post chat room to discuss the SotU address at 8:30.

And don't forget, the Colorado Danger Duo of Steve and Andy will be live drunk blogging Bush's speech.

Andy said he would kiss Steve for me. With tongue. On camera. So wait for it.


Well, if nothing else, uh, thanks for the traffic. ;)

Geez, thanks Michele, I hung out at Andy's and Steve's places all night, yet no tongue! Not that I'm into that kind of thing... though if I was, I'm sure I'd find Mr. Green to be in the "hot" category (not that Andy isn't it's just I haven't ever seen a pic on his site).

I'd be more pissed, but am anticipating something in the mail that will cheer me up (Assuming that's not a ruse also).

There is a picture. Of something, anyway.

Yes, I am actually a globe-crushing monkey.

Scary but true.

I've got pictures of the live group drunkblogging, but none of Andy and Steve with tongue.

Idol is getting old. They need a shake-up. I would recommend Steve Albini on the panel because he would be much, much nastier than the English fop.

I would recommend Steve Albini on the panel

That would rock in so many ways.