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Misty water colored memories..........

So, if I've been blogging four years now (today being the official date), it stands to reason that I've been reading blogs four years as well.

If I were to make a top ten list of my favorite blogging moments that occurred on blogs other than my own, right up there would be Juan Gato's Bucket O' Hugs.

Happy Anniverary, Juan Gato/FAD/All other incarnations


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Shit, I'm coming up on 5 years. Ack.


I've been 'blogging' for 8+ years and the fun times never stop.

Top 5 moments in no order:

1) Baghdad Bob.
2) Saddam's capture.
3) Rathergate's Gotcha moment (the LGF MSFT overlay over memo).
4) Election day/night (any of them)

Okay, that's four explicitly named, but in reality we're talking a few more than four with there being multiple elections counted (1996, 2000, 2004 and the Afghan and Iraqi elections included). Lots of trash talking. Jive talking. Predictions, pundits, reps made and lost. Etc. Much fun to be had.

Congratulations. You don't read a day over three years. ;-)

You've been at this for four years? Oh well, keep practising. You'll get it right someday.

Congrats on your Anniversary! I love reading all the blogs I can out here. I blog for our family (private one) and a public one related to my health issues. I find it relaxing at best!

Here's to 4 more years -- ack, did I steal that from somewhere ;)

On May 5th, I'll have been blogging for 3 years. Oh how the time flies.

Thank you for sharing this corner of your life with us; you can be a real day-brightener.

If I knew where to find it, I'd be linking to Barney Rubble and company doing the Happy Anniversary song...

I think my all-time favorite moment from another site was Lileks' Olive Garden screed, particularly since it was my first exposure to Lileks.

Rock, Paper Saddam was pretty damn funny too.

Man, time flies. Congrats, here's hoping you stay interested enough to do this another four. :)

Congrats on 4 years. Thanks for every day.


Thank you for sharing with us! I love your insight and perspective, especially on your kids, though I know you won't be blogging about them directly anymore, but thank you!

Happy 4th Anniversary!

And there is a pill for men?? Where??? :)

I am relatively new to blogging in general. I started lurking here with the snow storm. Somebody said "Here's to 4 more years." but I'm more like "Here's to 40 more years."

What do parents become before they stop talking about and publicly embarrassing them?

Grandparents, until then DJ and Nat will always be in here.