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a note to my son on his 12th birthday

Happy Birthday, DJ.

Thank you for every smile, every laugh, every hug and for being the kind of kid who is never embarassed to kiss his parents his good night.

Thanks for letting me be the mother of the kid about whom everyone says "I want one just like him."

I love you, kid. You make me proud. I hope you make you proud. Learn to appreciate yourself a bit more. And remember, girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. So get started on those nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills...

May all your dreams come true, DJ. May you be a rock star, an all-star third baseman and a certified zombie expert in your lifetime.

And may you get rich doing all those things so you can take care of your family later on.

Happy Birthday.


I asked you before. Where's the KLEENEX, fergossake?

Happy birthday, little man!

awwwww happy birthday to him! and happy giving-birthday to you!

Happy Birthday,he's so cute! :>

What cool guitar gizmo did he get?

So far he got cash and some Guitar Center gift cards, so I'm sure he'll be picking out some nice gear this week.

Happy birthday, DJ. I think both of you , (you and Mom), are very lucky people. All the best, Terry

Happy Birthday kiddo. You have the coolest mother on StrongIsland. Remember that ALWAYS, she is going to help you into and out of more jams than you can imagine. Keep her close, and when you become a rich, famous athlete or guitar god...buy her a big ol' house and an old English woman to clean it. :)

In the mean time, enjoy your loot!

Happy Birthday kidd-o!

Gaah. Misting up. Awesome birthday wishes for the awesome future founder of Zombie Experts of America. I see him laying the ideological cornerstone for their certification board as an old guy, after retiring from his third-base position with the Yankees at 39.

He's awful cute, Ms. Catalano. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but that one is going to need a BIG stick to beat back the girls when the time comes.

Happy birthday to your boy! Woot! It's DJ Day!

What a wonderful young fellow he must be. Congratulations to mother and son!

Allah, you grokking this? Time's a'wastin'...

Happy birthday, DJ!
Here's hoping you have a blast, and may all your wishes come true.
p.s. Dont let your sister punch you 12 times, and if she does, tell her you get to punch her 15 times in a couple of weeks...

Congrats to DJ, and a big thumbs up for the mom that's loved and guided him through those twelve years.

You're both doing a great job...

Happy belated birthday, DJ. May you have many more happy ones.

Imperial Keeper


if either of my parents had ever said anything like that in my entire lifetime - not just on my birthday - maybe I wouldn't have had to waste all those years addicted to sex, drugs, people etc...

good job michele.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJ!!! (you lucky kid)