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Songs of The Night - Hard/Soft

For anyone who feels like kicking someone.

Fear Factory - Replica mp3

And for after the kicking, the mellowing out...

And I'm sick of your tattoos, and the way you always criticize the Smiths... and Morrissey.
Brand New - Mix Tape mp3

Have I mentioned how much I love this band?


I was just listening to Brand New on my iPod. They do rock.

holy shit u too!! ur now a buddy o' mine.

Thanks for the reminder... I had to dig out "Demanufacture," and now my neck is sore!

Thanks for that Brand New.. I heard a song from them a few nights ago, and I have wanted to hear more..


I believe that "Okay I believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't" is one of the freakin' catchiest songs ever.

Ever ever. It's been played over 140 times on my iPod. That's insane.

Winston, that's probably my favorite Brand New song right now.

Man, that Brand New song just wrecks me.

But when I say "let's keep in touch" /
I really mean "I wish that you'd grow up."

Yeah. Nailed it. Ouch.