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an open thread on oral sex

Write a post with the words "oral sex" in it and you'll get some very interesting email. Reading and responding has prompted me to offer this quick and dirty little survey (for both sexes), just out of curiosity:

Oral sex - both giving and receiving - : good, bad or indifferent?

Feel free to discuss at length. I'm going to drown myself in Tylenol Cold and DayQuil, so the place is yours for a while.


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Well,who can say no?Bueller?...
Personally,I love to give more than recieve.And it's always been good for me,both ways.

If you're old enough, and if not married, at least in a monogamous relationship, then I say good, good good.

(Ok, that's the responsible parental side of me talking. Here's the perverted porno fan in me:...)

BRING IT ON! And why stop there?

Oops, I forgot one part

BRING IT ON! And why stop there? I'll supply the camcorder :)

FJBill brings up a good point, "watching" is the missing option.

Anyone who says they don't like receiving has never had good oral. And people who don't like giving are just selfish. Like the girls who won't unlock your door in "A Bronx Tale".

I believe in the 'ole 68...you do me and I'll owe you one.


Most emphatically, great to give, great to receive. Of course, hygiene and grooming missteps can ruin the experience and potentially scar one for life.

REally, the receiving is why I married my husband.

Giving ... well, it's worth it for the payoff.

Wait, you mean someone doesn't like oral sex?

Fabulous in both directions.

But then I live in a Vagina-free household. (The cat doesn't count.)

It's the same as real sex except for the possibility of pregnancy.

Giving- Drive your partner wild? That's sexy. If they're ungrateful or indifferent, then NO HEAD FOR YOU.

Recieving- enh. Has nothing to do with the quality what I've gotten so much as just lying there getting worked on is actually a turnoff.

Great both ways!

Confession time: I don't like receiving. I've had great experiences with it, but it's just not my thing. I'm much more about giving than receiving.

I like them both. A lot.

As I said below, I was giving long before I was receiving. And I wasn't complaining. (Probably somewhat related to the fact that I didn't know what I was missing, but the actions in my ignorance were still blissful).

So far, it's been great and great.

I love to give, there is nothing better than the hip bucking, head grabbing and ab tightening of a woman about to come.
As for recieving, I'm only mildly interested. In fact I feel guilty about the whole ejaculation thing. I hate having a woman feel obligated to swallow. Women taste good, but I don't have to drink a whole teaspoon at a time. Plus I have been conditioned by porn to want to come in a woman's face. Unfortunately, contrary to porn chicks, real girls seem to really hate this as an option.

Today is my birthday, but I would still prefer to give rather than to recieve.

Good for variety, but I prefer sex's 'original recipe'.

i was scared to give for a long time because i thought i would do it wrong. once i was in a comfortable exclusive relationship my senior year of high school i was able to conquer my fear. i must say i received alot before that and was a terrible tease. the first time i received i was pretty young and my boyfriend snuck in my window one night and had me down on the floor and i thought i was in heaven until my stepfather came downstairs and my boyfriend had to hide under the bed. now, i must say that giving someone pleasure is something i take much pride in. my current boyfriend though has never had an orgasm from oral sex and it is really perplexing to me but a nice challenge. i was sure if anyone could get him there it was me but no luck yet. sorry to sound arrogant but this has never happened to me before and i don't know what to think.

I'll lick it!

/so very, very sorry:-)

Receiving is pretty boring - I always end up feeling guilty. Then again, I'm in the same boat as Wendy's BF. shrugs Then again, if it's somewhere public or some other exhibitionist shit, (as paris would say), "That's hot".

Giving kicks ass when you get a girl who's really into it. Nothing more fun than that I'll tell ya.

I prefer to give- and I'm damn good at it! Giving makes me 'happy' if you know what I mean! winkwink I'd do it all day...

Receiving really doesn't do it for me, though the sensations are enjoyable.

Searching the phone book for anything similar to AimeeC

PS - Guess less than/greater than signs wrapped around text means something to this post prog

miles...she is located somewhere in D.C.
dang..i live in tampa....

AimeeC....come on down to sunny Fl!
free room and board!

Wendy, it's all about the tongue. As you withdraw, your tongue runs along the bottom side of the cock. When you get to the head, bring your tongue "over the top" of the head.

Practice on your finger. When you get to the end of your finger, your tongue should smoothly slide over the tip of your finger and end up with the bottomside of your tongue laying on your nail. Then reverse the procedure.

Now go try it on the real thing. :-)

You people sure do use a lot of big words when all you really need to say is: "Mmmmmm."

As the wife would say (with a bit of creative paraphrasing), you folk could fuck up a piss up in a brewery.


Is your name really Miles O'Toole? Come on!

One sperm turns and looks and the other and says, "Man, I'm really nervous."
The other says, "About what?"
"Well, I've never done this before. How do we know when we've gotten to her uterus?"
"Uterus?! Hell, we're not even past her larynx yet!"

That said, anchovies are the perfect food. They taste just like sweaty pussy and you get nutritional value to boot.

Where oral sex is concerned, near strangers seems a more sexy alternative than couples.

MMMmmm... both! Though I have to admit giving has always been a particular fave.

BTW .. I recall a Heinlein character, woman, discussing at length how it fastidious a man was became her gauge of his overall character.


That would be Friday, from the book of the same name.


Thanks, I couldn't recall if it was from Friday, or Maureen in 'Sail Beyond the Sunset'

Maybe I'm weird, but only a few people have been able to give it to me at all well. I'd rather be giving it.

"Well, I, for one, am in favor of it! Especially those cute little dispensers they come in. I just like to pop them in my mouth and..."

"Emily, Emily, she said 'oral sex' not oral Pez®."

"Oh... Nevermind."

Ok, I just have to ask. Are there REALLY women out there who "crave cock"? As in, do you do it because YOU'RE the one who likes putting it in your mouth? I'll even go as far as saying "do you love the feel of it and can't get enough just like your average porn starlet"? Or is it more of a "giving him pleasure makes me feel good" thing?

I've never spoken to a women (let alone been involved with) who "craves da cawk". The ones I've had candid enough conversations with to even get that personal with, are in it for him, not for her.

Trust me on this, FJ, there are lots of women who love it in all its aspects, including come.

Carin, you naughty girl?

Receiving is the best thing in the entire world and giving is even better!

If God had meant women to receive oral sex, he would have given them a little thingy to tickle.

Most of my girlfriends enjoyed both giving and receiving; however, there were a couple of girls that absolutely LOVED to give. I'll never forget my first receiving experience with one of them:

(As she comes back up to head-level after completing the job)

Her: "Oh my god! That was INCREDIBLE!"

Me: "That's what I think!"

Man, I'm getting misty-eyed just thinking about it...

I like both. Lots.

Recently dated someone who said she didn't like receiving. She changed her mind after I went down on her.. and decided that what she doesn't like is bad oral sex.

;P {'}



keith,thanks for the tip, i'll try that asap.

fjbill, yes there are those of us that are very orally fixated. whether it be a cigarette, food, or a nice hard throbbing cock. (hope i'm not being too explicit) it really gets me going. i don't do it just for him. i like it.

Heck with 69, I like 77. It's similar but you get eight (ate) more!

Darn, lol beat me to that one! Unfortunately, those I've known who liked giving didn't like getting and vice versa.

Still searching for someone who plays both sides of the ball.

Oral sex is fabulous, but definitely not for teens. Teens have a lot to learn about other ways they can give to others, before they start giving and receiving sexually (with all the complex emotions that attend it).